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Most People Looking Healthy are Victims of Vitamin Deficiency: Research

Not necessarily if you look healthy outside, then be healthy even from inside. Recent studies have shown that most Indian people living outside are lacking in essential vitamins. Learn how you will meet the shortage of vitamins.

You may be feeling healthy with the body and you do not have any disease or problems, but still, there is a shortage of essential vitamins in your body. In a recent study, it has been found that most people living in cities are looking healthy but they lack vitamin deficiency. This study has gone on 270 people from 30 to 70 years. According to this study printed in India Science Wire, the number of such people in India is very high, despite the lack of vitamins, they appear to be healthy outside.

In total, 147 men and 123 women were included in this study. The blood of all these people was examined and the conclusion was taken. Most people in this study found vitamin B12 deficiency One of the main reasons for this is that Vitamin B12 is found in very little vegetarian diets. The rich sources of this vitamin are fish, eggs and sea creatures. A lot of people in India are vegetarian, due to which they can not get enough of these vitamins.

What does the study say?

According to this study, more than 46% of people found vitamin C deficiency in vitamin B12, 32% plus folate i.e. Vitamin B9 and more than 29% of people. One of the major reasons for the lack of vitamin D in the cities is that people do not like to go to the sun, while the best source of vitamin D is fresh sunlight in the morning.

Most Women Suffer from Anemia

Due to a lack of iron in the body, adequate hemoglobin cannot be formed. Hemoglobin deficiency causes anemia disease. According to the data, more than 65% of women in India are victims of anemia that is anemia. Its major weight is bleeding during periods and pregnancy. Women of many rural and backward areas do not have adequate hygiene during the periods, thereby causing unnecessary blood loss to them.

Homocysteine Increased in More than half of People

The increase in homocysteine in the body can be dangerous in many ways. Due to this, the risk of diseases such as heart stroke, osteoporosis, fracture of bones and dementia increases. The amount of homocysteine found in 52% of the people in this study was found to increase.

How to Complete the lack of Vitamins?

There are many types of diseases coming from outside to the most healthy people living outside. By regular checkup, these diseases and physical problems can be controlled at the right time and the risk can be reduced. Apart from this, you can also meet the shortage of vitamins in your body by applying the balance food. Add more than cereal grains, fresh fruits, green-colored vegetables and nuts to your food. Apart from this, place milk and milk products in your diet.

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