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Make Your Wedding a Grand Affair That You Deserve with These Most Wanted Décor Items

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Decorating your wedding venue is certainly a quite pleasant and overwhelming experience, especially when the entire place is an empty hall. Thinking of the wedding décor, we can say that there are ample numbers of items that can be added to the venue. However, it is imperative to pick those, which go with your imagination of the wedding palace. We have jotted down some important wedding decoration items that will certainly add the desired exquisite touch to the wedding venue.

  • Welcome Signboard

These are important and will actually be associated with the wedding theme that you choose. From the chalkboards, cardboards to wooden boards, there are lots of things that you can choose for a welcoming sign board.

  • Seating Arrangement Instruction Board

To guide the guests towards the seating arrangements, you can certainly add some very nice instruction boards. These will not only add charm to the wedding venue but will also make it look more systematic.

  • Floral Photobooth

How is a wedding complete without pictures? To make the photography interesting, add a photo booth which is all decked up with floral decorations. This will look very beautiful and make the wedding venue worthy.

  • In-House Brewery

An in-house bar is what all social drinkers look for. The finest quality brews and a comfortable seating arrangement will take the celebration to a new level.
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  • Winter Bliss

If yours is a winter wedding, then to make the wedding décor more enjoyable you can add a lot of peanut roasting spots. Yes, in the entire palace, you can add small spots where the peanuts have been roasted for guests. What a wonderful pastime it would be for them!

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These were some décor items or say ideas that you can integrate into your big day. Let us know below, what you are planning to do!