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Make your flowers blossom with container gardening

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One of the easiest forms of gardening is container gardening. You just need to add soil to the pot, place the plant, making use of planter box drip trays for proper drainage and adding an adequate amount of fertilizers. As far as container gardening is concerned, it is a bit different from the normal forms of gardening. This is because the plant is placed on a container and it does not get enough space to stretch out the roots. In this blog, we will talk about the key elements of successful gardening.

Key elements that you need to keep in mind for successful gardening

  • Importance of drainage in container gardening– Drainage is one of the crucial factors if you are doing container gardening. In case of normal gardening, the excess water gets easily absorbed by the roots but in container gardening, the plant does not get the adequate surface to soak the water. Instead, it remains within the pot thus rotting the plants from inside. Therefore drainage is mandatory for removing this excess water. Most of the plants get killed because of excess water in the container. So if you buy these pots, make sure that it has sufficient holes for drainage. You can also buy plastic drip trays for plant pots for the purpose of drainage.
  • Before planting, make sure you use an adequate amount of fertilizers– Container plants are usually starving more than the normal plants. This is because a major portion of the nutrients gets washed away because of frequent watering. The best way is to add fertilizer on the pot before you fix the plant inside it. Use slow-release fertilizers for your container plants. You will find a lot of time-release and slow release fertilizers in the market, but it better if you use the regular grainy biological fertilizers.
  • Place the plant carefully inside the container– You have to be very careful while placing the plant inside the container. If you want that the plant remains in contact with the roots, make sure you remove all the dirt. It is difficult to remove air pockets from a compact pot. You have to exert a little bit of force in this matter since air pockets can make the base of the plant to dry out and along these lines impede their development. Make sure that you use extra soil for filling up the gaps after watering. Now slowly place the plant inside the container. Remember, the level has to be the same just like it was in the nursery pot.

Providing enough nourishment and regular watering to the plants

 Watering a plant placed inside a pot requires more skill rather than science. Most of the plant has different requirements for water-like some plant need excess water and some needs less. However, you will find that plants in pots, unlike the ones in the garden, tend to dry out faster especially during hot summer days, or if the color of the pot is black. This is the reason why you need to water your plants regularly as per their requirements. Water deeply and carefully so that the water reaches the base of the plant rather than leaking out of the edges. After watering, you should provide adequate food to nurture your baby plants. Just like we humans require food, plants require it as well. Make use of dilute fertilizers especially during the growing phase to provide sufficient nutrient to the plants.

Container plants require more fertilizers and food because they remain stuffed inside the containers and due to repeated watering; most of the nutrients get washed away.

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