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Make studying more productive

mathematics class 6
  • Make studying an active job. All the teachers out there know this but don’t say it- Yes, reading can get extremely boring. Especially if it is a topic you’re not too fond of. There is a lot of theory section in mathematics and statistics in class 6 maths question paper and sometimes learning something in a practical based paper can be frustrating. Instead of asking yourself ‘Why am I even learning this?’, try and understand what the sentences say. To make the studying session more effective and to get to concentrate better, start getting involved in active reading techniques like asking yourself what you’re reading and what you’ve understood. This will keep your brain from wandering away and from empty words registering in your brain which you will not be able to recall later. Once you finish, look away from the topic and try to summarise loudly what you’ve just finished learning.
  • Always make notes on the concepts you’re learning. If it’s maths, draw something out to help you remember better. If it’s literature or a history chapter then make pointers on the characters, the concepts, the overall plot and the events mentioned. Do them all separately so that when you come back to it, you are sorted in your understanding and you don’t have to start from scratch. If the text is a difficult read, try and make it easier in your notes. No examiner wants bookish language anyway. The simpler it for you to understand, the easier it is for you to write. Note down the page numbers, the authors of different chapters, the titles and everything else, in case you need to refer to them. Again, always create a small quiz when you make your notes and then use them as a review.

Get yourself on the internet and then back off it immediately. Use your break wisely. Now it’s not feasible to say you shouldn’t use Whatsapp and Instagram when you’re free. So when you do open it during your break, make sure you don’t spend time answering calls back unless they are really important and until and unless there is an emergency. Talking on the phone eats up a lot of time and before you know it your break will be over and you would want to extend your break. Go ahead and take part in all your favorite activities. However, do it only for a few minutes. If you do your favorite activities for more than a few minutes then you wouldn’t feel like getting off them at all. Get it all out of your system and then immediately get back to being productive. Small breaks feel good because even if it was just for a few minutes you feel connected to the world. This small recharging session will really help you with focusing. This again forms a part of the reward session. It’s not a distraction but is a way to get more things done while studying for mathematics class 6. Too much deprivation can make you feel unmotivated. However, make sure you use your break wisely, by making it count. However, don’t go overboard and go off time.