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How machine learning is changing the scenario of the telecom sector!

machine learning

There are many innovations made in the past which have made the life of humans much easy and convenient. If we have to talk about that one innovation which is literally surprising us at each step of its evolution with its unimaginable abilities, then it has to be the artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is basically a programmable computer system which is able to perform the tasks which were possible only for humans to perform earlier such as decision making, speech recognition, visual identification, etc.

Machine learning is a special skill which can be taught to computer programs through Artificial intelligence. Machine learning provides the computer systems an ability to learn from the data and experiences themselves without any kind of human intervention. Arthur Samuel was the first person who created the first-ever machine learning program, which was able to play checkers. That program acted as a seed for the idea of expanding this invention in different areas of functions, even those which can be performed by the humans only.

Today Machine learning is being used by many organizations for improving the performance of their technological infrastructure, which in turn can provide them a competitive edge as compared to their competitors. Telecom sector is such a sector which is employing the ML technology for quite some time and is still using it for major of its tasks.

Telecom industry is definitely making a huge shift through the use of machine learning. Earlier it used to be very difficult for the telecom operators to process and track the huge data collected by them whether generated as network traffic data, network performance data, customer data, and social media data. But now, machine learning programmes are there to track a particular trend in a data set and make future decisions on the basis of those trends. These programs do this at a great pace.

Machine learning in telecom industry is used due to the following functions it performs: –

  • Using machine language to reduce the frauds: – Many fraud calls which are received by the customers are reported or labelled as spam calls by them. The working systems of the telecommunication operators track this information through machine learning and helps in avoiding telecommunication frauds.
  • Using ML to analyze the data from social media: –Social media has become a tool of marketing and communication for the brands. Almost 3.3 billion posts are appeared on Facebook alone every, second, it becomes almost impossible to pick and collect those posts which mention that particular brand name or those posts which are relevant for that brand. But machine learning programs make it easier to collect all the posts related to that particular brand and helps in slicing and dicing those posts on the basis of pre-framed algorithms.
  • Helps in improving the service applications: – there are a lot of applications through which various companies provides various services to their customers and it is their topmost priority to improve their services over these applications. Machine learning is the tool which makes this task possible by taking the real-time feedback from the customers related to the various aspects of services.

Apart from the above-mentioned uses, there are many other functions which have been made more efficient and effective by machine learning in telecom sector.