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Lift your brow to lift your life

What is a brow lift surgery?

The process of uplifting the eyebrows by raising soft tissues and skin of the forehead and eyebrow is known as brow lift surgery. A brow lift is also termed as “forehead lift” or “forehead rejuvenation”. This process comes under facial surgeries therefore, it can be done alone or with other facial processes such as scars surgery, hair removal, facelift surgery, lip augmentation surgery, cheeks enhancement, double chin treatment, under eye dark circle treatment, etc. This type of processes are only available abroad but not anymore, thanks to our professionals now brow lift surgery in Ludhiana is possible. Making it easily accessible to every kind of person belonging to any financial class. Before we go any further let’s see if you do or do not need a brow lift.

Why brow lift surgery is done?

Various reasons for which people opt for brow lift surgery are as follows:

  • Naturally sagging brow

Some people have low sagging brow since birth. This affects their life since the beginning as low brow is considered as a symbol of low confidence.

  • Asymmetrical brows

People suffering from asymmetrical brows phenomenon also considers the brow lift surgery option.

  • Effect of Aging

You may not have any type of brow problem since birth or during a young age but old age surely going to beat you. With the increase in age, brows tend to move in a downward direction. This makes you tired and uneasy all the time which is not good for you if you are planning to work even after retirement age.

  • To boost self-confidence

As mentioned earlier, saggy brows are a symbol of low confidence so brow lift surgeryis done to increase one’s self-confidence.

If you are going through any one of the above-mentioned problems or if you are in your late 60s and 70s, then you are in desperate need of this process and as said earlier this surgery is available in Ludhiana it could be done easily by anyone. Now as we Indians we have a tendency to look for a bad side of anything before we pay attention to its good side. Let’s see if there’s any bad side i.e. any risks involved with this surgery.

Are there any risks involved?

Just like any other surgery, there are some minor risks involved in this but they all are of a non-fatal type and are healable. Such as:

  • Scarring

Formation of scars can be seen on the skin for a few days after surgery but it is of temporary type and goes away within a week.

  • Position of brows asymmetrical with respect to each other

This happens if you get done your brow lift surgery at an unprofessional place. Therefore, you should always choose a Government affiliated place just like our center of Brow lift surgery in Ludhiana.

  • Temporary numbness

Some patients are seen going through temporary numbness of skin sensation but they all get their senses back within 3 to 4 days.

So as you can see there are no side-effects of brow lift surgery and minor effects are easily solvable. So don’t waste any of your precious time and contact us to get started on the path of better living.

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