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Top 5 Outfits To Consider On A Night Out

So you are planning a night out with friends or someone very close and special to you? Of course, you would wish to look impressive and distinct when you go out with your gang. For this, you surely need to select and get the best outfits for you so that

Winter Wears For Women And Men In India

India is a diverse country with different types of seasons and its effects. In different parts of India, the climate is different and people need to take measures according to the weather. Somewhere the effect is mild and in some places it’s harsh. Be it summer or winter the weather

The Chakras: Introduction To The Chakras & Their Properties

According to Hinduism and some Asian cultures, the chakras are energetic vortexes located in the subtle bodies of the human being, called Kama Rupa ('form of desire') or lingasharira ('symbolic body'). Your task is the reception, accumulation, transformation and distribution of energy called prana. Each of these centres resembles an open