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Know more about Almotriptan Malate Drugs

Almotriptan Malate Drug

The Almotriptan Malate Drug or AXERTR is a treatment for people in which migraine attacks for adults.  If referring to 12 up to 17 years old, is it a treatment for migraine headache pain that usually lasts 4 hours or more when untreated.  This prescription should be used when there is a definite diagnosis of a migraine to a patient. It is discouraging to take this drug without a doctor’s prescription.

If you are prescribed to take this drug after consulting to a doctor but do not have enough knowledge about it, the following topics are the common questions about it.  

What is the use of Almotriptan Malate Drug?

The use of the drug is to help relieve your headache, pain, or other migraine symptoms that include vomiting, nausea, or sensitivity to light or sound.  This treatment will help you to return on your regular daily activity. It can probably decrease the chance of getting other pain medication.

The Almotriptan drug belongs to triptans, a class of drug that is used as abortive medication in the treatment of migraines and other related headaches.  This drug affects serotonin that narrows blood vessels found in the brain. In totality, it does not prevent future migraines of a person but slightly lessens the migraine attack.

What are the precautions of Almotriptan Malate Drug?

Before you start taking this medicine, ask first your doctor about it.  It is highly recommended if you consult a doctor first before taking any medication for your condition.

  1.    If you have knowledge that you have a heart problem, let your doctor know.  If you have a higher risk of heart problems, your doctor may examine your heart first before allowing you to take almotriptan.  
  1.    You can intake this medicine by mouth with or without food depending on the instruction of your doctor whenever you have noticed a sign of migraine attacks.  But do not take almotriptan to prevent a migraine.
  1.    The possible dosage which your doctor may give is in response to your condition.  So consider telling your doctor about other products you might be taking including herbal products, vitamins, nutritional supplements, prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs.
  1.    Tell your doctor if you have certain health conditions aside from a migraine.
  1.    If a headache attacks you for 10 or more than D10 days in a month, ask your doctor because you might overuse the drug.   
  1.    If you are pregnant, this medication should be used only when needed.  However, discussing this with your doctor is highly recommended to know the risks and benefits it could have.
  1.    Do not drive if you have taken this drug because it will make you feel dizzy.  

Side effects of Almotriptan Malate Drugs

You may feel the following as these are the side effects of using this medicine.

  1.    Drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, sensations of tingling or numbness or prickling, or dry mouth.  
  1.    It may raise your blood pressure.  So regularly check your blood pressure, then immediately tell your doctor if the result is high.
  1.    It can cause chest or jaw or neck tightness, or even pain or pressure but not usually severe.
  1.    Most likely the symptoms are like a heart attack that includes chest or jaw or left arm pain, shortness of breathing, or unusual sweating.  However, if these become serious like irregular heartbeat, severe stomach or abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea, fainting, signs of stroke such as weakness on one side of the body, having trouble in speaking, sudden changes of vision, or confusion, rush in the patient to the hospital because he is undergoing severe condition.
  1.    A severe or severe allergic reaction is rare to this drug.  However, if your body has an allergic reaction to this medicine, tell your doctor right away.
  1.    This medication may increase your serotonin which may cause serious condition of serotonin syndrome or toxicity.  It happens when you are taking other drugs that may additionally increase serotonin. That is why you need to seek guidance from your doctor about other medicines you are taking.


The given information is not the complete list of the facts that you need to know about the side effects and precautions of Almotriptan Malate Drugs.   However, these are the most common significant facts that you need to know as your ground knowledge after receiving such medication. If your body has an adverse reaction towards taking this medicine, never forget to get medical help to your doctor as soon as possible.