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Know Different MTA Certification Courses

In this highly competitive world, those who strive to keep up with new challenges can survive. Those who choose certain orthodox techniques and methods are late. An opportunity and a major preference are given to applicants for computer-related jobs who have additional skills or who are certified Microsoft. In this article we will talk about the Microsoft Certification Course, specifically MTA certification training courses.

In December 2012, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA certification) program that was previously only available to various academic institutions. Microsoft recognizes MTA certification as the starting point certification for those starting their professional computer career and looking to improve their fundamental understanding of software products. If you are considering changing your IT career path, you may want to consider MTA certification. An MTA certification is one of the best ways to start a path that can help you make your IT career decision.

Here is a complete list of exams and courses available for MTA training:

MTA IT Infrastructure Track

This course is for those considering a career in server or desktop infrastructure or in private cloud computing:

  • Exam 98-349: Basics of the Windows Operating System
  • Exam 98-365: Windows Server Administration Basics
  • Exam 98-366: Basic Principles of Networking
  • Exam 98-367: Foundations of Security

MTA Database Track

This program is for people who want to pursue a career in business intelligence or data platform administration:

Review 98-364: Database Principles

MTA Development Track

It is for those people who want to make their career as a software developer that it will help you a lot in preparing for MCSD certification and hands-on product training.

You can initially begin with the fundamentals of MTA Software Development and then select the new additional topics available in these courses which will help you achieving your desired career goals:

  • Exam 98-361: Basic Principles of Software Development
  • Exam 98-362: Principles of Windows Development
  • Exam 98-363: Basic Principles of Web Development
  • Review 98-372: .NET Fundamentals
  • Review 98-373: Fundamentals of Mobile Development
  • Review 98-374: Fundamentals of Game Development
  • Exam 98-375: Basic Principles of HTML5 Application Development

In addition, it is not necessary to attend the courses of this training. In fact, there are various training institutes that offer a series of online MTA training courses and Summer training in India. In addition to this, there are study materials available online and you can get the study material from your favorite bookstore. If you are looking for this certification program, you can plan and write the exam for this certification in various test centers around the world.

After passing this exam, you can get your first certification that you can put on your resume and become a member of the Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCP) certified community. Passing MTA certification exams and getting certification can definitely give you an edge over someone who does not have one. So, start your career and become Microsoft certified and unleash the new horizons of your career.