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Is Cellphone a Pied Piper? Parents can Protect Kid’s on Cyber Monday

The pre-Christmas season gets started and now people are waiting for the upcoming weekend starts with Black Friday and end with cyber Monday. Prior to Christmas, people are looking forward to getting the maximum discounts on goods, different sorts of products, and costumes. Most of the parents feel lucky and desperate to get things at a discounted price to save money as much they can. They always seem to focus on daily life things for themselves and for the family, but they always forget the safety of the children even having awareness of dangers online.

 So, having clear information that kids and teens may get trapped by the stranger danger and become obsessed with the digital activities even then they forget to make sure whether kids and teens are saving online or not. The Black Friday and Cyber Monday are yet to come and I think parents are still busy thinking or may they have made lists of what they are going to shop at the weekend.

So, the parent should include getting their hands on such tools and software that empowers them to monitor kids’ and teens’ digital activities for the sake of digital parenting. On the other hand, experts do believe that mobile phone technology happens to pied piper for kids. Visit Official webpage TheOneSpy for monitor child’s and employees’ online & offline activates of phones.

How does smartphone technology happen to pied piper for kids?

The cellphone technology developed almost two decades ago and today it’s become widespread all across the globe. Nowadays, everyone has to have mobile devices for so many reasons, because it is the best available source of communication without a wire. Additionally, the access of the internet has made It tech –jenny. When it comes to youngsters they are obsessed with cellphones and tablets, internet and social media. The access of cyberspace on mobile devices empowers young kids and teens to explore the virtual world and to communicate with the people online using social media apps, websites and instant messengers.

The addiction to social media and the internet on cellphone happen to pied piper for kids when they used to spend more than eight hours a day on it and ultimately they have left real-life activities with friends and family. Furthermore, the situation becomes worse when they start doing romance in the virtual world using instant messengers and get involved in hookups online and share sexually suggestive possess on the demand of their so-called loved one. However, sharing of photos, videos in an inappropriate way leads teens towards stalkers, online bullies, and plenty of other dangers like slut-shaming.

Common Sense Media Statistics: Teens cellphone addiction key findings

  • 1 out of 2 teens feel that that they are obsessed with mobile devices and 59% of parents also believe that their children addicted to cellphone
  • Almost 72% of young teens and 48% of parents instantly respond to text messages, social messaging messages, and notifications. Additionally, 69% of parents and 78% of teens used to of checking the number of their devices of times in a single hour.
  • Almost 77% of parents show their reservation that their kids get distracted all the time due to their cellphone devices all the time even when sitting in family occasions
  • Almost 35% of parents used to of having heated arguments with their teens due to their excessive usage of mobile phones

Black Friday is right around the corner: Prefer kid’s safety than Goods

Before the black Friday, everyone used to of making lists to buy necessary products, goods, and costumes, but no one thinks about whether children are safe online or not. Therefore, rather than spending too much on goods always prefer the safety of the children on the web. So, get your hands on the 50% to 90% discount on cellphone monitoring app to make sure what kids and teens are doing on their digital phones and tablets. You can get the maximum discount on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to make sure teens and kid’s online protection. Now parents can fulfill their parenting responsibilities to the fullest.


There is no doubt that modern cellphone technology happens to pied piper for kids but you can control and counter all the threats and dangers online due to mobile technology and make sure kids online safety. Let’s get an advantage from the upcoming Black Friday as much as you can.

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