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Interesting Facts about Statuario Quartzite

Quartzite is fast becoming a popular choice for kitchen worktops in many homes. With its myriad benefits, which include, but are not limited to, vibrant colours, glossiness and durability, quartzite worktops can enhance the look of any kitchen.

A steady stream of homeowners has started shifting their choice of kitchen countertop material to quartzite, a natural stone that is white like marble in the purest form and displays some vibrant colours and patterns through impurities on the surface. Here are some rather interesting facts about Silestone Statuario quartzite you might find useful before making your purchase.

Fact 1: Quartzite Is Superior To Granite In Durability

While both granite and quartzite are natural stones, which are beautiful to look at and very hard, there are a few comparisons you might want to know beforehand. Quartzite is harder than granite and is, in fact, harder than any other material used for kitchen countertops. Quartzite is also less porous when compared to granite, as well as denser, which enables it to remain strong for long without the need for resealing.

Fact 2: Quartz Looks Similar To Marble But Doesn’t Etch

Homeowners who love to have marble worktops but don’t want to pay a lot of money for the same can now rejoice. Quartzite in its purest form looks similar to marble, so much so that it is hard to tell the difference between marble and Silestone Statuario quartz slabs. However, quartzite does not contain calcite, which means these slabs offer the same look as marble slabs sans any etching that is common in marble slabs over time. This means you don’t need to worry about any spills that may cause damage to the countertop surface.

Fact 3: The Difference Between Quartz And Quartzite

Many homeowners tend to confuse between quartz and quartzite. While the names may sound similar, the two stones are different from one another. While the quartz slabs used for kitchen countertops are man-made by mixing natural quartz stone with polymers and resins, quartzite is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock.

Quartz is cheaper when compared to quartzite and more flexible, which makes it chip less than the latter. Quartz is also available in more colour variants than natural quartzite, which has limited colour options. Quartzite slabs are also less porous when compared to granite. However, quartz is completely non-porous, which means it is more resistant to stains and bacteria. Quartzite may require resealing after some time to prevent stains from setting in.

Fact 4: Quartzite Is Cheap And Getting Cheaper

When compared to other materials like laminate or plastic, Silestone Statuario quartz may sound expensive. However, it is less expensive than materials like marble. Granite, quartz and quartzite tend to fall in similar price ranges though. The cost of quartzite generally varies according to factors like the rarity of the slab, its similarity to marble in looks, the thickness of the quartzite slabs and special design customizations like ornate edges or fabrications.

Fact 5: Quartzite Comes In Shades Of Blue And Red

Since it is a natural stone, quartzite offers limited colour options when compared to other kinds of materials like quartz. The natural formation of the stone via the earth’s heat enables the stone to acquire different patterns in hues of whites, creams, beige, brown, grey, green, red and blue. These colours are imparted from minerals present in the earth’s crust, forming many intricate patterns on the stone’s surface over a period.

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