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Importance of Biology in Human Life

Biology is the natural science that includes the study of life, and the living organisms along with their evolutions. It is quite an interesting subject which is all about experiments, discoveries and a lot more.

There are many facets that point out the importance of biology to human life. Listed below are few of them:

  • Biology is a subject which helps in answering the fundamental questions about life, such as cells, organs, the composition of blood, reproduction and a lot more.
  • Explains in detail about the Human Body parts and their functions, other cellular activities and the biomolecules
  • We have learned how to segregate the different living species based on their anatomy, physiology, and other habitats. With the help of biology, today we are able to understand the need and the importance of biological classification of living organisms.
  • This subject helps us by providing complete knowledge about the different source of nutrition along with their benefits to our body.
  • There are many related fields that require a strong foundation of biology, which includes anatomy, psychology, genetics, botany, molecular biology, microbiology, biotechnology, zoology, etc.
  • Biology has helped in discovering the primary causes of the diseases, their symptoms, mode of transmission, treatments, different methods of preventions and eradication of diseases.
  • Apart from all these facts, this subject also makes us understand the importance of different biological processes, including growth and developments, reproduction, fertilization, photosynthesis, respiration, excretion, and other processes in all living organisms.

Besides these points, Biology helps human life in many ways.  With the introduction of Biology in the school curriculum, it has given rise to several medical professionals, scientists,  and other technicians who are involved in research and other investigations.

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