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How to Use Angelus Leather Paint – Complete Guide

What is Angelus leather paint?

Do you want to paint leather with one of the best paints on the market? If the answer is yes, keep reading, you are in the right place! At Writers Madrid, we already have the paint par excellence for leather, leather or imitation leather; Angelus.

In the next post we want to tell you all the tricks about one of the latest products that we have available in our online and physical store.

The Angelus paintings are mainly used to customize all kinds of sports and / or sneakers. In fact, in the United States there is a great culture behind shoe customization and today we want to share with you all the information about this excellent product. You want to know more? Here we go!

What is Angelus leather paint?

Angelus is a special paint for decorating sports. 100% made in the USA. It is composed of acrylic base paint with great resistance to apply on any textile surface, it also has unique and special properties for painting on leather. It is precisely there, in sports, where this brand has specialized.

This acrylic leather paint is very flexible and will not crack. Thanks to its water-based composition you will get a unique finish without compounds or toxic products, which makes Angelus an easy to use and clean product.

Angelus Paint offers a large number of shades. Vivid and opaque colours that you can mix with each other to obtain your own shades.

How to use the special paint for leather?

If what you want is to start giving free rein to your creativity, then we are going to tell you, step by step, how to paint with the special paint for leather or synthetic leather in your trainers.

This type of leather or sports envelope crafts are very simple, as long as drying times are respected and you know all the Angelus Paint products that will allow you to achieve a unique finish. So … to the mess!

  1. Previous preparation to paint on sports

Before painting it is recommended to pre-treat the surface. Whether on leather or on sports shoes. For this, Angelus has specific products and if you are going to paint sports it is advisable to use the shoe cleaner Angelus – Easy Cleaner.

  1. Use the Angelus preparation to paint leather or imitation leather

If instead of painting a trainers you have decided to personalize a leather or imitation leather jacket, we recommend that you use the Angelus leather preparer.

It is a product, composed of alcohol-based and with a capacity of 150ml, specially designed to achieve maximum adhesion of paint on leather or synthetic leather.

  1. Apply Angelus acrylic paint on leather

With the pre-treatment already done, the funniest part begins, the moment of truth.

In the two previous points we have highlighted the importance of a good treatment. So at this point you will ask yourself, how to use the paints on the sports or objective? The process is very simple and similar to that of painting with acrylic paints.

  1. Use a protective varnish for leather

The last step, before leaving our cool sneakers, is to apply a varnish for leather. It was to be expected, that within the Angelus Paint product catalog, there are also special varnishes to apply on acrylic skin paint.

The paint dries in an estimated time of 15-30 min. but you will have to leave a whole day for it to be dry. After that time, you can already use the matt or satin leather varnish.

In summary

We hope that this small guide will help you get the most out of, in addition to inspiring all your creativity, when decorating, repairing or customizing your sports or leather garments.

Angelus Paint is a very high quality paint that will allow you to achieve a unique finish.