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How To Save Energy At Your Business

Asking small business owners for their top expense is a sure way to get them to answer the same question: “energy costs”.  ENERGY STAR estimates small businesses spend over $60 billion annually on energy. The majority of that energy is consumed as electricity. What can a business owner in Texas do? Start by selecting energy-efficient practices from the following list to lower your small business’s energy costs.


 1. How Energy Efficiency Can Benefit Your Business   

Businesses can have an even greater impact on energy efficiency than homeowners. Companies can spend a lot of money on inefficient buildings because they are large electricity consumers. Commercial consumers who want to save as much energy as possible have made it a priority to improve their business energy efficiency.

You will be able to understand why big companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Google have invested in energy-saving technologies the more you know about them. You will be amazed at the many ways energy efficiency can help your business.

Strategic energy management can save you money and increase your employees’ productivity. If you don’t think that’s enough, see below for more information on how energy efficiency can help your company.

Lower Energy Costs  

Entrepreneurs see the number one benefit to becoming energy-efficient as saving money on monthly expenses. Energy Star estimates that the average commercial facility uses 30% less energy than it needs. You could save around a third of your energy costs by investing in energy efficiency within your company.

Some business owners may be afraid of the idea of investing since it often involves upfront costs. There’s no need to be afraid. It’s very cost-effective to improve energy efficiency and provide a high return of investment (ROI) for consumers. The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance reported that energy efficiency improvements in the southeast United States have yielded a 387% return on investment.

Energy efficiency is a way to reduce your energy costs by about 20%. This will pay for long-term improvements. However, the payback period will depend on how much energy you use each month and what upgrades have been made.

More Budget Certainty  

You can reduce your utility bills and take control of your energy costs by focusing on energy efficiency. There are better chances to have predictable costs if there are fewer drafts, leaks and other energy waste sources. You can control your company’s energy consumption and make it less susceptible to weather changes or other unpredicted events.

When it comes to energy efficiency investments, consistency is one of the most valuable financial lessons homeowners can learn. It can also be a great asset for businesses of all sizes.

More Comfortable, Happier And Healthier Employees  

Well-insulated rooms and HVAC filters will help protect your employees from work-related respiratory illnesses. A report from the American Lung Association shows that 21.5% of asthmatic adults working find their condition worsened by work exposures.

Corporate social responsibility also has a significant impact on the perception of the company by the employees. Cone Communications found that 74% of employees believe their jobs are more rewarding if they have the opportunity to work on environmental and social issues. According to the same study, 70% of employees would choose a company that supports relevant social issues as their employer.

 2. How Can I Save On Energy Costs In The Office?   

There are many ways to reduce electricity consumption in offices. Most of these can be achieved by small changes in employee behavior. It is often enough to let your employees know you are conscious of energy costs, and how to save them, to get them to take action.

We have compiled some energy-saving tips for businesses to jumpstart cost savings. The main thing in the workplace is not to use energy when it’s not necessary. These energy-saving tips can help you and the staff recognize when and how it might be happening.

Get An Energy Audit

An Energy Audit can help you to determine your baseline energy usage and give you a clear plan for saving energy at work. Many electric utility companies offer complimentary audits. An expert in Texas will then visit your business and conduct a thorough inspection to determine if there are any air leaks, insulation issues or opportunities for energy-efficient lighting.

Purchase Energy-efficient Office Equipment

Before leasing or buying office electronics, make sure they are ENERGY STAR rated. An ENERGY STAR rated appliance is one that has been evaluated and deemed efficient. This can help you save money and manage your small business’s energy costs over the long term.

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Reduce Peak Demand

Reducing peak demand is one way to save electricity at work. Peak demand is the time when energy use is at its peak. Peak demand times fall between 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., which is typically during office hours. You can decrease your demand by changing work hours and starting earlier, or running heavy and factory equipment late at night and early in the morning, and conserving energy all day.

Take Advantage Of Natural Sunlight

If your office has natural light, make the most of it. In areas with windows, it might be unnecessary to turn on lights when the sun is shining. Although passive solar heating may not seem like a good way to save money at work, it is. The less energy you use, you will pay less.

Power Down Computers And Other Office Equipment At The End Of The Day

Your staff should be able to shutdown computers before leaving if they aren’t being used during work hours. It is an easy way to reduce your computer usage. This applies to energy-efficient coffee makers and toasters, as well as similar appliances.

Compare Energy Providers And Energy Rates  

While energy efficiency is an essential requirement for most companies, there are many custom energy solutions that can help your company save energy. The best way to compare energy providers and their rates is for large consumers of natural gas and electricity. If your business is in Texas which is one of the deregulated states, you have the Power To Choose over your energy suppliers and get a better utility deal for your operations.  Through this you can lock-in flexible electricity and natural gas rates.  


 Bottom Line 

Regularly review your company’s energy use data via your energy provider’s website. Keep track of the upgrades that have the greatest impact on your electricity bill, and then focus on expanding these initiatives. Small changes can result in big savings. You can reduce your power bill by implementing one strategy at a given time while increasing your profit margins.