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How to prepare for the CCNA certification exam?

A certified ethical hacker is an expert who knows how to look for weaknesses in the tested target systems using the same knowledge and tools as a genuine hacker but in a legal and fully legal manner. CCNA is able to assess the security condition of an IT system from the perspective of an ethical hacker. CCNA certification certifies that a person has knowledge of ethical hacking and methods used by hackers from a vendor-independent perspective.

You should start with this course. The CCNA course in Abu Dhabi is devoted to the installation, monitoring of network infrastructure, and solving problems related to it, based on routing and switching protocols.

The CCNA Intermediate (Associate) course is suitable for network professionals, network administrators, and network support engineers. In addition, the CCNA certificate provides the opportunity to work in many positions: network administrator and data center, network security specialist, video technology specialist, audio and video solutions installer, voice technology administrator, network designer, and many interesting positions related even to sales and marketing.

It combines the topics so far divided into three separate paths – routing & switching, wireless, and security. This means that you have a lot of learning ahead of you, thanks to which you will be perfectly prepared to work in IT. If you are honest about the topic, I can promise you that it will be worth it. However, it will require a lot of time and a lot of self-discipline.

If you’ve made it to this place and haven’t scared you yet, great! You have just made your first step towards your CCNA sentence. So let’s move on to the preparations, which we will divide into three parts – introduction, expansion, and conclusion.


This point seems to be obvious. The certification confirms our skills, for which we expect appropriate remuneration. Everything is correct, but when you are just entering the IT world, first of all, do not expect a senior’s salary for junior skills. Secondly, from the very beginning, you must be aware that your work will require constant learning. Even if you decide not to continue with the cyber security course in Dubai, you will still have to spend a lot of time learning about new solutions. Technologies are constantly changing, some are leaving, others are taking their place.

Getting to the point, the average time to prepare for CCNA is several to several months of intensive study. Don’t expect to go to the course and be prepared from the machine, or that you just need to read the book and that’s it. Today I am reading the last page, tomorrow I am reading the exam. It does not work like that.

So before you even start preparing for the exam, you have to answer for yourself what motivates you? What will keep you focused on your goal for the next few months?

For people who decide to attend the academy, I recommend that you only get books and use other free sources of knowledge. For those who don’t want to go to the academy, I have good news. It is possible to prepare for CCNA on your own, although it requires much more independent work.

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