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How to Market Your Floral Website through Instagram

Did you know why more florist stores are leveraging Instagram as a social media platform to market their business, of late? That is because the platform lets them post high-definition images of colorful and vibrant blooms. They can also post photos and videos related to the flower procuring process or behind-the-scenes visuals of how the delivery agents are doing a wonderful job. Today, Instagram has one billion active users and therefore, you need to understand your audience using this platform.

According to an article published on, there are some secrets when it comes to posting eye-catching content on social media sites including Instagram. For example, you can take photos of a beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and post them on Instagram before shipping it to your customers. It is just one example of many. Read on to learn how you can promote your floral website design using Instagram.

Use high-definition images

When you post content related to your floral business on Instagram, it takes some of your effort and time. Post images that are clear, look professional and composed with care and precision. When it comes to this photo-sharing site, the marketing is visual. Eye-catching pictures and videos will help you earn more likes, followers, and comments. And once prospects like pictures of roses, chrysanthemums, lily of the valley, carnations, gladiolus, tulips, lilies, and carnations, they will visit your floral website to learn more about your business. Therefore, spend some time in taking quality pictures of flowers. Hire a professional photographer, if necessary. When you post stunning photos, you will earn more Instagram followers.

Use appropriate hashtags

Using hashtags is imperative on Instagram. Therefore, use relevant hashtags for every post. Remember Instagram’s intelligent algorithms penalize consecutive posts with recurring hashtags as a precaution to get rid of spam. Instagram visitors can spot hashtags they do not like to see. It helps the algorithms to display new content. That is the reason why you should new and other relevant hashtags if users filter out the ones you are using.

Hashtags help in organizing your content and many potential customers search using relevant hashtags. These hashtags have a purpose and not used for beautification.

Start some contest

Contests help you promote your floral store with a twist. Quizzes and competitions have significant appeal to numerous Instagram visitors. You can invite prospects to interact with your Instagram business page with interesting posts such as, which is your favorite anniversary flower or your golden retriever with a sunflower, and things like that.

Announce that a participant with the correct answer will stand a chance to win a 15 percent discount on a flower bouquet. You can offer freebies and giveaways to participants. These activities will drive engagement and prospects will visit your online florist store to order flowers. Therefore, you see there are numerous possibilities to create content on Instagram, connect with prospective buyers, and boost sales.


Use these marketing tips for your floral website and watch out for the results. Buyers will visit your website provided you have engaging posts on Instagram.

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