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How to Make Better Blood Circulation

How to Make Better Blood Circulation

Circulation is the way where the heart is able to pump and deliver blood throughout the body. Having good blood flow is very important to your health. Hence, how can you develop better blood circulation? When the blood is transported to organs, it is able to endow oxygen and nutrients while taking away toxins in the body. When, having problems with blood circulation you may consult the nearest physician, like dr hos.

Why Do You Need To Have Good Blood Circulation?

For a fact, our body bears about 60,000 miles of blood veins. Together with the heart and other muscles, these completes the circulatory system. Its function is to deliver blood to organs and tissues of the body. On the other hand, during the time there is poor blood circulation, there is a slowing down and blocking of the blood flow. This means that your cells are not able to have all the oxygen and nutrients the body looks for.

The Symptoms of Poor Blood Circulation

During the time that the limbs doesn’t have enough blood, the lower extremities may get cold or numb. For light-skinned persons, there could be a discoloration of the legs. Moreover, a poor blood circulation, also, can result to drying of the skin, give you brittle nails and result to hair falling. In men, problems in erection can occur. On the other hand, for diabetic patients, the wounds or sores may heal slowly.

How to gain more circulation

When you desire to improve blood circulation, it is necessary to try not to sit for longer periods of time, hinder from using smoking tobacco products and cut down on the intake of saturated fats. Additionally, do the following that help improve your blood circulation:

  1.      Keep a healthy weight

Keeping a healthy weight aids in having good blood circulation. Hence, during an instance of being overweight, there can be a poor blood flow in the body. A study done in 2009 said that losing weight help develop good circulation for women who were overweight. Also, it was found out that these women experienced an addition of protein called the adiponectin, which pertains to vascular function.

  1.      Do Jogging Exercises

Performing basic cardiovascular exercises, like jogging, promotes the health of the circulatory system and lets you get good blood circulation. In 2003, a study said that exercising develops the capability of the body to take in and consume oxygen. Furthermore, it was also found out that exercising advances the capability of blood veins to dilate, which allows them to work effectively, thus allowing the muscles to get oxygen quickly. The mentioned benefits of exercising help in having good blood flow, which means that the daily activities may be easy to do.

  1.      Do yoga

Being a form of exercising, yoga, also, can improve blood circulation. It concerns twisting, stretching and bending, which is said to aid in compressing and decompressing the body’s veins. This way there is an improvement in the blood flow. In a study done in 2014, it was concluded that yoga is good for the cardiovascular system and gaining metabolism. A good example of a yoga position is the downward-facing dog. This position aids in the blood circulation, because it places the hips and heart on top of the head, which makes way for gravity to increase blood flow in the head. Begin with these steps to a downward-facing dog yoga position:

  • Begin on all sides of your body, which places the shoulders above your wrists and hips on top of the knees
  • Take a breathing session slowly
  • Bring your hips backward and up into the air while you breathe out
  • Straighten the extremities
  • Add pressure into the hands
  • Breathe again slowly and then bring your heel upward and down in turn to deepen the stretch
  • Relax your neck
  • Remain in the same position, while breathing three (3) times
  • Bring your hips down slowly back into starting position
  1.      Consume oily fish

Fish are nutritious to eat and consume. It has omega-3 fatty acids that improves cardiovascular health and good blood circulation. The different types of oily fish are tuna, salmon, sardines and mackerel. For other foods that help maintain blood circulation, you may visit this link.

  1.      Drink tea

Tea is also a nutritious food to drink and consume. It has antioxidants that may improve cardiovascular health and endow good blood circulation. Examples of tea are the black tea and green tea. Furthermore, in 2001, a study said that black tea is able to enhance blood vessel health. In this lieu, having healthy blood vessels help in good blood circulation. In a different study, it was found out that drinking green tea pertains to a lower rate of coronary artery disease.

  1.      Maintain your iron levels balanced

Iron is a basic nutrient for the improvement of the body’s circulatory system. This substance is necessary for making the hemoglobin, which is a vital part of the red blood cells in delivering oxygen to organs and tissues. Consuming foods bearing more iron, like read meat or spinach, aid the body in keeping this basic nutrient. On the other hand, having a healthful balance is needed, too.

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