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How to Make A To-Do List That Helps You To Complete Every Task?

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Has it ever crossed your mind, that it is important to create better to-do lists? It is astounding to know that most of the successful people follow to-do lists to complete most of their tasks. This makes it all the more important to create effective and productive lists. You cannot pack hundreds of things in a day. It is extremely important to prioritize what things you should finish first and what can be postponed for a while. Creating outstanding to-do list can enable you to complete your work without any delays, stress or long nights. Given below are few of the tips which will help you create effective to-do lists:

1. Create a mental map of all those things which you wish to do:

Take a pen and paper and jot down all the things which you intend to do. It helps you to call to memory all those things which are important and which you might be missing. Then starts the process of a brain dump. This is a process in which you transfer everything which is stored in your product about a given subject. You put all the knowledge which you have pertaining a given subject either on a piece of paper or a notebook app. This way you are freeing your brain. There is no need to edit the information. Now, when all is in front of you, you can decide which holds more significance and proceed accordingly.

2. Keep things simple-

Another very good tip on how to create an effective to-do list is to keep things simple. If you have complicated or unclear things in your list you might get confused and the list instead of helping you will confuse you more. Be specific and brief. Just make sure that things are clear and you provide the right amount of detail i.e. neither too long nor too short. You should be able to understand the list yourself so that at a later time you do not run around trying to understand the things that you have written yourself.

3. Create a specific list-

Do not create a list which is vague or ambiguous. Goals or tasks which are too broad cannot be completed within a stipulated time frame as they lack direction. Build realistic deadlines lest you will become less motivated. A broad-based task is less stimulating as achievement factor is just missing. Big things actually become intimidating so you become discouraged even before you start the same. When you know that the task cannot be accomplished in a day you become afraid even to begin. Break your task into smaller tasks as this way they are easier to follow and accomplish. Also, in this manner, things are completed within the set time frame.

4. Set clear priorities-

This is one of the toughest things to do when you have a heap of things before you which need to be completed. Mark the tasks in order of urgency and importance. This way you will be clear as what needs to be done before and what can wait. Group similar tasks in one category. When you do similar tasks together, things become easier as your brain is already working in a particular fashion. Always start your day with something tough as that time your brain is clear and you will be able to do it faster. Once you accomplish it you will receive encouragement to do other tasks also quickly.

5. Build a “could-do list”

If you wish to do all the tasks which you have mentioned in your “to-do list” it is important to create a “could do list”. Now, this list contains all the tasks which you need to do in order to accomplish your final goal. Such lists help to remove all trash from your mind. In several cases, it has been seen that tasks are not that tough, but overthinking makes us find them impossible to do. These could do lists are a big help when your priorities change or when you have free time on hand. The main aim of these lists is to ensure that you have enough time to work sans a burnout.

6. Put aside time for breaks

Breaks are an essential part of work. If you do not take small intervals of rest your brain stops to function properly and this will hamper your productivity. You should work for 25 minutes straight and then take a break of 5 minutes. This will increase your efficiency. When you take a small break you are able to solve your problems with a fresh perspective.

7. Create two kinds of lists

It is recommended that you create two types of lists. One list should state the works which you are supposed to do in a week and the other list should be about things which you plan to do in a day. Keep syncing your daily list with the weekly list so that you are not left with a big pile load at the end of the week.

8. Try calendar blocking

This is an effective technique to create a good to-do list. In this, you allocate a time span within which you complete certain important tasks. Calendar Blocking enables you to fix up a break of 15- 20 minutes for every one hour you put in focused work. Research has proved that if you follow this technique you will have a higher level of productivity and focus on your work. We all have some important tasks and some less important tasks. With calendar blocking we can be sure that we offer right amount of time and attention to each task.

9. Create a future list

There are certain tasks which you do not have to do immediately, but maybe in a span of 2 months, you need to finish them. If you do not write down such tasks you might miss them and you might have to complete them at last moment. In order to avoid missing such tasks create a future task list. This list contains all those things which you wish to accomplish in the future. Set a fixed deadline for such tasks and review the same from time to time. Reevaluate your goals in line with changes which happen around and you will be able to complete all tasks on your to-do list without any hassle or problem.

Wrapping up

So, these are some of the points which you should bear in mind while preparing your to-do list. Even though some people find it scary to jot down things which you are supposed to do, it is a fun activity which ultimately clears your mind as what you are required to do and how you should proceed in the week. Hence the modern advancement in mobile app development industry is coming up with innovative and creative tools to make your life easier and simpler.It also helps you get rid of your anxiety as you know what all you are supposed to do in a day and accordingly you allocate your time to each activity. If goals are not laid before you, you will end up wasting a lot of time. It also enables you to brace you mentally as you are prepared that you have a busy day ahead. But do not create unrealistic pressures on the mind. Even though you should try to adhere to your to-do list, an occasional variation or little bit of flexibility does not cause too much harm. Changes are inevitable as human beings are not machines and at times unforeseen situations crop up.

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