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How to get your iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus screen replaced

iPhone 7 plus screen replaced

Mobile is the device that replaces the efforts to most of the works, it assists people in various activities like shopping, booking tickets, communication, pass time, etc. Since it is used in all the walks of life there are also chances for the damages like when you drop them or other software problems etc. Among all the problems, most of them will be screen repair. Here are some of the measures that help you to fix your iPhone 7 or your iPhone 7 plus screen repair.

Use a screen protector

When your mobile screen has some scratches or cracks, one option that you can go for is using a screen protector.  This will help to protect your phone temporarily by sealing the broken pieces of your iPhone into them. It is highly advisable only for scratches and tiny cracks, it can be avoided if the crack it deep.

Look for the Apple store

Your iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus comes with some of the technology that is important to know when you have to do your iPhone 7 plus screen replacement. Some of them can also be complicated like the technology embedded between the Touch and ID sensor, Taptic Engine-based home button, Face time front-facing camera, 3D Touch technology etc. Also, look at the availability of the warranty period to get assistance from the company. These stores will assure the proper replacement of screen that will not be affected in the future in usage or loss in any data.

Make the replacement yourself

When you have knowledge about the device or when you know the technique of iPhone 7 screen repair you can do it by yourself. When your mobile glass is intact or the screen is black or when you lost touch control the first thing you have to do is, have to soft reset your mobile.

Guidelines for the screen replacement

A professional knows the handle all the parts and entities of the device. But being a non-professional these guidelines will help you in order to bring up the proper iPhone screen repair.

  •    Make the place bright: since the products are tiny you need bright light in order to look at each minute thing and work with them.
  •    Make it organized: when you need to work out without any confusion you have to arrange things in the right way so that you don’t confuse or miss the things
  •    Apply the required heat to loosen adhesive but don’t heat so much that can damage your device.
  •    When you separate the entire adhesive keep the screen and housing close together till you disconnect the flex cable.  

There are also many shops that help you with the screen replacement and you can approach them for the service. Sometimes you may know them or you may demand them for the quick delivery, etc. These are the general ways that you can carry out with your mobile phone screen repair or replacement.