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How To Find The Cheapest Flights

how to find a cheap flight

People search for a flight because this is only the safe and fastest way to go to any country in the world. Some people take a flight to travel when he/she needs to reach a place within a short time or when there is not any another way to go to his destination and there are some people who always take flights to travel because they love it and they don’t get satisfaction at other transports. We all know that the fare of an airplane is too expensive to buy for the lower-middle class family. For this reason, there are many people who can not travel by a fight in spite of their desire. If you are from a lower middle-class family and want to travel by a flight then this the article which will help you to fulfill your desire. Now you may think that whether is it possible to find flights at a cheap rate. Yes, it is possible to find flights at a cheap rate is possible if you follow the methods I have mentioned in this article.

  • Start searching as early as possible:

We all know that the price of anything is depended on demand and the availability of those things. There is not any other reason in the case of flight tickets. Generally, all airlines release tickets 10 to 11 months before. Once you have confirmed your destination, you should start searching for flight tickets and you must check once per week. The price of flight tickets varies on demand and supply. By continuing checking on every week you may get the chance to grab the ticket at a low price because when the demand for that tickets is very low then the price gets down. Try to buy your tickets at least one month before your journey.

  • Ignore the myths:

The first thing you must know at the time of booking a flight ticket is that there is no magic bullets or any shortcut that may give you a flight at a cheap rate. You may find many myths at the time of searching online. There are many websites that spread these myths for attacking visitors to their sites. You may often see the unbelievable sentences like ‘evidence that searching incognito leads to cheaper deals’, ‘the exact time or date when flight fare is cheapest’, ’cheaper to buy airfare on a Tuesday’ as the heading of articles. These are nothing but fake information. Always remember, airlines have modern computers and modern pricing algorithm to set the price of the tickets according to demand, travel time, distance and other important factors. So, always stay away from these types of articles.

  • Compare prices on more than one site:

Comparing prices on more than one site at the time of booking a ticket is really very important. You need more than one flight search engine for every search. You may find different fares at different sites. For example, suppose in a site you find the price is 80 USD and on another site you find say 82 USD. This happens sometimes because these prices are somehow depended on the internal matter of those websites. So, if you search for the same flights on the different websites then you may find a site where the fare is low or you will able to find a site which gives a huge discount on the fare.

  • Avoid holiday periods when flying:

If you are planning to travel on holidays at a cheap rate then change your planning. It is quite difficult t get a flight at a cheap rate on holidays. Generally, people choose holidays to travel. For this reason, the demand for tickets is increased rapidly and as we know the cost is depended on demand so, the cost is also increased. That’s why you should always avoid the holidays if you want to fly at a cheap rate.

  • Use different airlines:

For, getting a flight ticket at a cheap rate you may use different airlines.  For domestic flights within Australia, it’s often cheaper for us to use different airlines and book two separate one-way flights.Do your research and factor in online booking costs. If you do two separate airlines, you may be paying two online booking costs.


  • Look for tickets in other currencies:

This is one of the effective methods for booking an air ticket at a cheap rate. If your country’s currency is now strong compared to others then you can try this method. You can search for airlines in other countries where the currency is weak than in your country. For better understanding,  I have given an example. The US dollar is strong and the currency of New Zealand is weak. Suppose the fare from the USA to New Zealand is 1000 USD but when you will search in the same airline for the same flight in the New Zealand currencies then the cost is just 600 USD. But this trick does not work all the time. Outdoor product reviews is a website that offer tips and tricks to save on different travel products like best lightweight backpack and much more.

  • Search ticket prices as one person

This tip will help you a lot. Don’t search for or buy multiple tickets in a single purchase. Airlines always show the highest ticket price in a group of tickets. As an example, we can say that, if your total family member is 4 then the airlines will think that you want 4 seats together. And for this reason, they will increase the fare of your ticket.

  • Be flexible with your travel destination and time:

We all know that the price of air tickets varies on time, upcoming holidays, weekends and also on the season or months. You should be flexible with your travel destination and time. You should manage your plan carefully. For example, if you want to go to Paris any more, you can go on any time in the year, in this case, you can choose November or October months when the numbers of passengers of Paris is less and at this time the fare may be less but if you wanna go to the middle of August, then it is quite impossible to get tickets at a cheap rate. Always try to fly off-season. It’s always cheaper to fly during the middle of the week than on a weekend. For these reasons, you should be flexible with your travel destination and time.

  • Use points and miles:

The airline reward programs are great ways to get a flight ticket at a cheap rate. You can earn point and miles as a signup bonus, by completing surveys and by other methods. The miles are most probably counted in a year and the points are counted by considering a fixed number of points, for example, points can be used as- 300 points is equal to 1 USD.

  • Take advantage of student discounts:

If you are a student or your age is below 25 yrs, then here is good news for you, i.e. there is a huge discount available for the students. You will gate 20 to 30 percent off on your fare. So, if you are a student then don’t forget to grab the chance. Travel agencies like STA Travel or Flight Centre can help you to grab this golden opportunity.

These are some useful methods which will help you to travel at a cheap rate. If you follow these methods then you will fulfill your dream of traveling by airplane. So, follow these methods and enjoy your fly at a cheap rate.

Thanks for reading this. Have a nice day!

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