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How to Find the Best Chinese Teachers In Dubai or Anywhere in the World

Learning the Chinese language is not a mere fascination to us anymore. With the ever-expanding Chinese Economy and its gigantic market around the world, the language has now become a vehicle to get a foothold in it. However, penetrating the Great Wall of the Chinese language is not as easy as we think. But with the right tutor and intelligent learning techniques, the journey could reap the fruit of Chinese wisdom eventually. Even if you’re searching for a perfect Chinese teacher in Dubai, bear the following points in mind:

    • Prior Experience: For first-time Chinese language learners, the journey could well be an uphill task filled with alienated characters and boring lessons. The standard Chinese or Mandarin script & characters are completely different from Latin script, and one has to progress carefully at first to recognize them properly. If you have already learned a unique language like Chinese before, you already have an idea of how to find a decent tutor to get your basics right. It’s because you already have been in the same shoes and you know how to excel in it.


  • Native Teacher: It’s not that there’s only a handful of people in the world who are better than native Chinese tutors when it comes to teaching the language. But when you want to learn and speak the language like a native, a native tutor should be your first priority. Not only does a native tutor provide you an immersive experience of learning the language, but you would also get a sneak peek into the millennia-old Chinese culture. Introducing you to the deep-rooted cultural reference is always helpful to place you in a learning environment.
  • Convenience: An institute should be convenient enough to arrange for a course according to your need. When you’re in a quest to search for the best Chinese teacher in Dubai, convenience or flexibility becomes a key aspect to look for. You could be in the middle of an important business meeting or your semester won’t be far away and suddenly realize that you also have a language learning class to attend. We all have our own excuse in life, so when you’re paying for something make sure you don’t miss out on anything.
  • Learning Materials: Check for the materials your institution offers for the entire course. You might not be interested in traditional Chinese such as Cantonese, instead, you’re there to learn it for business or professional purposes. You could also be an advanced learner or just want your children to learn in a pre-school way. Whatever the requirement is the entire course should be designed accordingly as the material should be tailored as per your requirement.
  • Proper Assessment of Learning: A proper assessment is highly required to measure the proficiency of the learner of the Chinese language. In a language where you have to memorize a huge number of difficult characters, your teacher should always keep your progress in check. Not only are weekly or monthly tests enough to assess a particular program of learning, but group discussion or one-on-one sessions are equally important to comprehend the overall learning achievement. So, ask your Chinese teacher to regularly assess your progress every once in a while.
  • Know Your Dialect: Chinese is not at all a single language but an extremely diverse one where Mandarin is known as a standard form of the language only. Multiple dialects & accents are there in the country that may sound completely different from one to another. So, it’s important to understand which one you’re actually learning. Being a tonal language, Cantonese sounds so different from Fujianese although both of them are Chinese. If you have a native teacher, ask him/her from which part of China he/she belongs and know about his/her dialect and accent first.
  • Online & Offline Classes: With the worldwide breakout of the Coronavirus, the world order has been shifted from offline to online to a great extent. Even if the operation resumes and everything comes back to normal, the online learning methods will surely revolutionize. Hence, ensure that your teacher or institute could be smart enough to maintain an organic balance between the both. So, you can learn it from anywhere in the world.


Learning a language has always been as fascinating as you think it would be. Often framed as one of the toughest languages to learn, learning Chinese surely has its unique set of challenges. To non-tonal language speakers, at first, Chinese may sound very difficult but practice makes things incredibly easier over the course of time. If you can get a firm grip over the tonal structure of Mandarin, the rest will fall in place gradually. Let your teacher guide you through multiple nuances to help you learn the language effectively.