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How to Choose the Best Wedding Hotel

Weddings are special and that day is meant to be special. Weddings can be organised locally or they can be destination based as well. Weddings are mostly organised at hotels or banquets. Wedding should be arranged by checking everything in advance so that there are least problems afterwards. While organising wedding at hotel, the following points should be considered:

  • Room availability

One should check for room availability while booking the hotel. The rooms should be available as per the number of guests. The number of rooms should be ample to accommodate the number of guests you are inviting. Also check for whether other hotel guests have occupied the hotel or it’s just your guests. One should go for booking in advance as in end it gets difficult to get the desired hotel. Also book more rooms than the number of guests so that at the end moment there is no problem in the end.

  • Available services

One should check for services provided by the hotel. The extra mattresses and the room service provided by them. The services should be good so that the guests should have a comfortable stay. The room maintenance should be on time and available on call. One should make sure that the guests should have a comfortable stay.

  • Areas to enjoy

One should check that hotel should have separate areas where guests can enjoy in free time. There are areas in hotel like fun zone, pool and other areas. Guests can enjoy their in there free times.

  • Food facilities

The food facilities should be checked that which area would be allotted for eating of guests. Also the seating space should be checked. The cooking staff should be also good so that the food is healthy and liked by guests. One should also tell about his preferences to the hotel authorities so that they are prepared in advance.

  • Separate wedding area

One should see that wedding area should be separate than the normal area of hotel so that privacy is maintained. Also then there is no risk of interruption by normal hotel guests. The wedding location in the hotel should be separate from normal hotel room area.

  • Budget

One should make sure that all the accommodation and wedding expenses are under budget prepared. The package should be cost effective. Another point to be considered is negotiation. One should bargain to get the least cost.

  • Entertainment

One should before finalising the hotel should check for entertainment sources in the hotel. The hotel should have entertainment area so that guests can enjoy as well.

The wedding is a big day so one should make sure that he selects the hotel which is hassle free. The wedding hotel should be chosen utmost care and diligence.