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How to Celebrate Your Dog’s Birthday

A dog is one of the pets who shower the family with unconditional love, affection, and loyalty. Celebrating the pleasure of having a dog as a part of the family by celebrating his birthday is considered the most happening event and is socially accepted by everyone. For some, it is considered as the most important day in honor of their dog to celebrate their birthday just like any other family member. There are many easy and adorable ways in which one can celebrate his dog’s birthday, to make it special and memorable for both of them.

Some of the ways to celebrate your dog’s birthday could be:

 Choose the Perfect Present:

For pet lovers, their pet is their first love. Similarly, their dog is all the love and couldn’t stop pampering them at any time. So let’s face it they spoiled every single day by the pampering and love of their owner, but their birthdays are a legitimate reason for some serious spoilage. A perfect gift for your pet could be pet oil paintings. Dog portraits are very popularly gifted by many to their pets as a memory. It also includes the dog oil portraits to give it a real look and remark the bond between their owner and them. Other gifts could be customized beds, toys which they like, tags for them, etc.

Deck the Halls:

Another fun and adorable idea for celebrating your dog’s birthday is creating an ambiance that your dog loves. Decorating a room for our dog with the stuff they enjoy like filling it with tennis balls, hanging the dog oil portraits and pictures, making bone-shaped banners, tossing dog-friendly confetti on all of the tables and so on.

 Bake your dog a cupcake:

Baking a pup cake for your dog could be super fun and easy way to celebrate its birthday. Nowadays there are many cake mixes available in the market which are dogs and human-friendly and are safe, healthy and tasty. Baking them these cakes can be baked in different shapes keeping the dog theme in mind.

Create some cute party wear:

There could not be anything cuter than a party had on your dog’s head. Another option could also be a bandana for the neck. Creating some cute party wears and getting it worn up to make your dog feel special and loved is the agenda of the day.

Inviting a complete squad:

A party is nothing without a squad. Celebrating the birthday with the whole crew over for a day of fun, games, running, snacks and, sniffing in celebration of your four-legged family member’s birth is a real last for the day.

Setting up a photo booth:

Photos are the way to capture the moments to cherish them in the future. Thus, on the day of your dog’s birthday with you and its complete squad at the same place, nothing could be better than a photo booth to make the party memorable and creating a perfect album with your four-legged family member.

Arranging fun games:

A dog loves to play, run, eat and spend time with its owner. That’s where the games come in. A birthday with such games is a dream come true for the dogs as they finally get to spend most of their time with their owners. And this could also be the best part of a party. With dogs being such adorable pets some perfect games for them could be fetched, hide and seek, dog puzzles, tug-of-war and many more. These games add a pinch of fun for all the owners and the dog’s squad.

Spending alone time with the dogs:

Another special way to celebrate your furry friend’s birthday could be, just spending your whole day alone with him. Getting all your attention is what a dog wishes for, and on his birthday this could be the best gift you could give him. Visiting his favorite park, playing his favorite game, baking special food for him and finally spending leftover time pampering your dog. This could be a perfect definition of a happy treat for a dog on his birthday.

Organizing a movie night:

One of the win-win ways of celebrating a dog’s birthday could be by organizing a movie night. All you got to do up your comfortable clothes, invite up your furry friend’s squad, prepare his favorite food, cuddle up with your dog and watch some movies together. Bonus points for considering a dog movie to play. This way your birthday boy gets complete attention and treats on his day.

Organize a pool party:

Most of the dogs love to swim, so let’s make their birthday the day of their favorite activity, and to make it such turn it into a swim day. Taking your dog the local beach, or searching an air pool and pacing it in your backyard for your dog and its squad could be the best and innovative birthday pan for your furry friend.