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How much does it cost to start the airsoft?

Cost to start Airsoft

How much will it cost me, how can I spend less, can I do without some equipment to save money? ”These are the kinds of questions that all people who are thinking of one day or another are asking themselves. To embark on the practice of airsoft. Here are some tips from specialists to start the airsoft without breaking the bank! before buying any gun or rifle make sure you have read the best airsoft sniper rifles reviews.

What equipment have to start the Airsoft?

Before speaking price, it is first necessary to look at the essential equipment for the practice of airsoft; the one that the player, whether beginner or expert, cannot afford to neglect, at the risk of injury or simply not being able to play!

Eye protection: mandatory for practicing Airsoft

The eye protection in airsoft is required when you want to participate in an airsoft game. Moreover, the organizers do not hesitate to exclude recalcitrant players!

Several possibilities are available to you for your protections:

  • Equip yourself with a pair of protective glasses (for less than 10 €)
  • or a mask of protection (from 20 €)

The big advantage of the mask; most models, including the Demoniac Pro Tactical V2, allow the player to keep their glasses. Discover how to choose your airsoft mask!

The choice of the Airsoft replica

It’s always difficult to choose your first airsoft replica. For not spending weeks, even months to procrastinate, here are some tips.

First, start by defining your style of play, that is, the role you want to adopt in part. If you want to take the role of the sniper, for example, you will naturally move you to replica sniper rifles. As such, the AW380 and Urban Sniper are both very good replicas, located less than 160 €.

The type of terrain is also important: some replicas are indeed very effective outdoors but can be inconvenient in CQB.

In general, long replicas are the most commonly used models, including AEG replicas. Go to the CA4 KM10 M4 or the Blackwater BW15 to find your happiness.

It is also quite common to complement his long replica with a fist replica, gas or CO2. There are models with a blowback head giving more sensations to the air-softeurs, for a price also a little higher, in general. If you want to buy a replica of the first gas, we recommend the CZ P-09 or the FNX 45.

On the other hand, if you are moving towards a CO2 replica, the Smith & Wesson M & P40(sold with 10 CO2 cartridges) and the Walther P99 DAO (with 5 CO2 cartridges and a carrying case) are safe values.

The ideal is, of course, to be able to test a replica before going on the purchase. In this regard, know that some associations offer rental replicas to allow beginners to find their favorite style before spending their money.

The Marbles

The projectiles used in airsoft are plastic balls or bio balls. If the first category is quite cheap (count about 10 € to 12 € for 1 kg of logs), the second is more expensive, but also more eco-friendly (about 14 € to 16 € for 1 kg of logs).

The Shoes

Choosing good shoes is the best way to avoid spraining your ankle or slipping on a pile of leaves. To start cheap, put aside sneakers and orient yourself on hiking shoes, safety shoes or rangers. The main feature on which we draw your attention is that they must be high enough to hold the ankle well.

The Gloves

In airsoft, the hands are particularly solicited and exposed to various dangers (impact of logs, vegetation, falls …). It is therefore essential to protect them, even if it is not mandatory. For reasons of hygiene and comfort, choose leather gloves (about 20 €) Discover the Mechanix gloves for your airsoft parts.

The Kneepads

It is not uncommon to have to kneel or stumble during a game. To protect your joints from the various shocks they may suffer, it is therefore strongly recommended to buy a pair of knee pads (about 10 €).

The cover to carry his replica

Finally, to avoid scratching your pretty replica, limit the risk of accident and do not alarm the people you come across, consider providing a cover or a briefcase (a little more expensive solution, but more protective).

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