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How is Tata Digital India Fund managed for high growth?

Digital India Fund-Regular Plan

Relative to the fast-moving technology industry, the portfolio created is one of the main reasons for the fund’s success. Most of the fund’s assets, about 80 percent, are invested in equities and related instruments, while the rest lies with debt. Also, the difference within equity is made on a judgment note, which incorporates various stocks to diversify the portfolio.

About 65 percent of the equity is allocated to large and giant stocks, 30% to midcap, and the remaining to small-cap. This diversity allows the fund to perform better under all market conditions, allowing customers to receive more money.

 What industries are included in this fund?

The assets are almost entirely dedicated to the technology sector, as is evident from the nature of the fund, namely the technology sector fund. The Tata Digital India Fund-Regular Plan (G) focuses primarily on the technology sector, unlike the general strategy followed by other thematic funds. A meager percentage of 4.18% is for the engineering sector, which is connected to the industrial industry somewhere, which is fundamental. 

TATA India Digital Fund statistics and information

The results drawn by this fund in recent times have been very pleasing. The fund has achieved good results and higher growth compared to last year’s benchmark and peers. Since the fund is a recent induction into India’s mutual fund family, a large amount of data is not available for scrutiny. However, whatever small information we have, it shows that this fund is indeed the best option for the money of Indians.

The previous record shows that the fund has performed phenomenally, yielding an unimaginable return of 63.31 percent in only one year. Furthermore, with each passing day in its growth, the fund has climbed higher and higher, surpassing the benchmark set by peers and records. All these figures indicate in this direction that this fund is a top energy fund that can be used to create massive wealth. 

Tata Digital India Fund (G) NAV is currently Rs.15.5572 per unit after experienced a price drop of 0.42 percent. Besides, the fund has the fact of having a decent amount of assets under its watch, currently at Rs. 247 crores as of July 31, 2018. In comparison, the investment cost of running the fund is 2.51 percent, which is within the maximum limit.

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