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How blocking and restricting unknown USB drives can make your lives easy?

Ever happened to you when you were entitled to take the credit for some task but someone else replaces you at the very end time? What if somebody steals your data without your consent and reaping out all the credit to their side? Such thing has sometimes happened where idealists, employees, innovators have struggled just because of the fact that their data being stolen when the real owners aren’t active.

Consider yourself in a situation where you are working on your project. Now all of a sudden you feel hungry and plan to go out to get some snacks leaving your device unarmed considering your friend is reliable and can be trusted. But when you return, you find there isn’t anyone in the room anymore and a specific file is missing on your hard drive. In short, someone just inserted a drive into your device and stole your idea without your consent. Such acts are very common nowadays and it’s really hard to find sensible trust these days. But the nightmare does not stop here as you find yourself guilty of asking your friend about stealing what was once yours. You feel regretted how could I consider my friend a thief without having any proof? But in the end, either you lose your data, or you simply lose a friend.

We all have some friends who are more than just friends. They pretend to be ours but in reality are our enemies in disguise. Your PC might be in possession of something confidential like a secret formula, private photos, lyrics etc. and anyone can fly away with it with the help of a USB drive.

But that’s only the ugly part or what we may call the negative side of the story. Let’s look at the bigger picture over here and identify how a few steps can help us improve our social as well as work life. Why not you use a utility that goes by the name USB Block and is also available too for free download at here The name itself is quite self-explanatory, so it’s hard not to understand what it does.

USB Block simply blocks any unauthorized device from connecting to your device such as a Laptop, PC, etc. anyone who tries to copy your data, idea, lyrics, document, etc. would be restricted in making any further progress. Now nobody has the freedom of just inserting a USB drive into your and taking anything they like (behind your back or without your consent). USB Block is permission-based software that would ask for a password once installed. All those devices that have been authorized can gain access and other untrusted devices would block. This option is quite feasible because you cannot stay along with your 24/7 and that you have no camera to record if someone accessed your PC. Now you need not worry about blaming any of your friends and instead, you may leave your device unarmed without ruining your friendship. It’s a simple step but offers greater convenience if compared.

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