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Hotel Comfort Tips and Techniques to Follow

In most of the camping and traveling, the journey has a day or two to stay in the hotel. Staying in a hotel can be boring and stressing if you do not know how to cheer up the place. You also need proper guidance and tips on the hotel.

When it comes to hotel comforts, it’s not just a matter of what you find when you arrive. It’s knowing how to bring comforts with you and how to create them out of the resources available to you. Comfort to make yourself geared up for the next day.

Hotel Comfort Tips and Techniques

In my years of traveling experience, I have seen that one can make a better use of the hotel to relax and sleep a bit. There are a lot of travel checklist and guides you can follow. Here are some ideas of mine:

  • I also recommend bringing a small night light with you when you travel. Unfamiliar rooms can be disorienting in the dark. This is a small item that can make a big difference.
  • Remember: If you want more pillows, blankets or towels, you always can call the front desk and have housekeeping send them up.
  • Bring duct tape (wrapped around a pencil) or extra safety pins to keep room curtains closed — especially if you need to sleep during the day.
  • Bring some of the everyday tools like rescue travel knife, EDC light, pen and portable batteries. These items can be really helpful for food preparation to juice up your tab.
  • A lot of hotel air systems seem to have two settings: too hot or too cold, but there usually is a fresh-air setting if you need a break from the heat or the cold. Turning on the bathroom fan and leaving the bathroom door open also can be a good way to air out your room.

Easy Luxuries and Inexpensive Comforts Tips

Sometimes a hotel room is just a place to sleep. But sometimes it’s a refuge from the world – especially if you’re 5,000 miles from home in some place you’ve never been before, dealing with culture shock, homesickness or simply being tired.

There are times when four walls, a bed, and access to hot water are the only things you want. Refuge and comfort. Hot bath. Comfortable sweats. A good book to read while propped up in bed using all the pillows.

Here are some low-budget ways to turn your room into a mini-spa and give yourself a break:

  • Put a bouquet of flowers in your hotel room to cheer things up. I don’t necessarily mean you should run to the nearest florist shop and drop $50 on a bouquet. Many places in the world have beautiful open-air markets and farmer’s markets with local vendors who sell fresh-cut flowers for reasonable prices.

This isn’t just some frilly, feel-good tip, but so what if it were? Flowers are the original air freshener — the very thing people always are trying to make air fresheners (and rooms) smell like. And they bring color and cheer to a room. Support your local grower, as they say at the farmer’s market. You always can use the ice bucket for a vase in a pinch.

  • Bring your own pair of slippers with you. Slippers generally are very light and packable, and they can add a lot of comforts. (Or bring sockets.)

Bedding Tips for Better Comfort

  • Many travelers will not risk less-than-sanitary bedding and prefer to unroll a sleeping bag on top of the bed or use a sleep sack. Sleep sacks are inexpensive, lightweight, packable sacks you can slip into. A silk sleep sack can add a bit of warmth or be the perfect bedding for hot, humid destinations. It provides a layer between you and hotel bedding.
  • The all-purpose comfort and sleep combo of earplugs and an eye mask can help you sleep without being disturbed by noise or light. Standard warning: Use these items at your own discretion. Don’t let them compromise your security.
  • You can also bring some of the outdoor gears from the checklist given by any reputable travel websites.
  • Pull the bedspread off the bed and stow it away in the closet. Hotel bedspreads are washed very infrequently.
  • Leggings or sweats make good jammies and lounging-around wear. (They’re also a practical and modest solution for lodgings with shared bathrooms such as some bed-and-breakfasts, many European hotels, and most hostels.)
  • Most hotel rooms seem to come with a little four-cup coffeepot and a couple of filter pouches of regular and decaf coffee. You cannot use espresso machine for excellent use of the coffee. So, if you like strong coffee, try this trick: Use one pouch of regular and one of decaf to make just one pot. You get a good, strong pot of coffee without doubling your caffeine intake.

Food Tips

  • If you’re one of the many travelers in the world who really has to have good coffee in the morning, I recommend bringing at least a small supply of your favorite coffee with you. And what if the hotel room doesn’t have a coffeepot? The best, sure-fire portable system I know of is the mini-French press. Made out of plastic, it is light, compact and holds about two cups. Store it in a resealable plastic bag.
  • Bring your own sweetener for your tea or your coffee if you like a particular brand.
  • Room service is never inexpensive, but it can be a godsend when you’ve finally found the hotel, settled into your room and just don’t want to go out again — much less find something to eat in an unfamiliar city at night.
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