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Home Remedies for Ear Mites in Cats

Ear mites are quite irritating whether in human or animals. The mites make their living in ears that is why it called ear mites. Cats, dogs or your loving pet could be suffer from ear mites, and these little creatures finds own food via dead skin like a crab of ears as well as they drink your cat’s blood for developing.  Otodectescynotis is said to be one of the common type of ear mites in cat. If your cat has much activity of outdoor then it will surely have those mites, because if any other cat has ear mites then it can transfer to other cat easily.

Symptoms of ear mites in cats:-

  • Redness in ears
  • Itching and scratches
  • Black or brown build-up in cat’s ears
  • Strong and musty smell
  • Waxy discharge from ears

If your cat is also being suffering from ear mites then you can use some effective home remedies for ear mites in cats. Let’s take a look of these home remedies:-

Garlic Oil: As you know that garlic includes anti-bacterial properties, which help to reduce irritation of ears as well as provide healing from ear mites. You just need some garlic cloves crush it well and mix it with some olive oil or coconut oil. The mixture of olive oil and garlic help to destroy mites as well as eggs, apply this mixture in cat’s ears and gently massage the area. It will also heal the wounds and immediately the cat will feel better. Repeat this remedy twice in a week, with no side effects at all.

Honey: Honey has also includes anti bacterial and anti-microbial properties which is quite helpful for ear mites in cat. You need to simply apply honey to cat’s ears, honey will give a soothing effect to ears, and reduces the increment of those stubborn mites. In few weeks your cat will feel relief from mites and itching as well as wounds.

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Vaseline: Vaseline is a good source for eliminating those mites. Take some Vaseline and apply directly to cat’s ears and let it be like that. It stimulates the healing process and provides relief from wounds and ear mites. Vaseline has high moisturizer quality, which naturally heal tears.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera is a magical and natural product of nature without any side effect, which provide immediate relief and heal to your cat from mites and wounds, as well as itching and reduces the inflammation and pain. Take some fresh aloe Vera gel and apply it directly on cat’s ears, gently massage it on affected area, you will see the positive results soon. You can apply aloe Vera numbers of times in a day as you feel, this home remedy has no side effects so need not to think much as said by

White vinegar: Add some vinegar with little water and dip cotton ball in this mixture and apply it on cat’s ears, vinegar has acidic properties which reduces the mites from cat’s ears.

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