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Hiking in Morocco – Jbel Toubkal with Virikson Morocco

Morocco is a land that offers you amazing diversity in culture. The land is really different from Europe. Holding on close to their norms and trends but people are quite welcoming. Every city is telling its own inspiring tale. Morocco might be the country that still needs to work a lot in the sector of development and enter into the race of technology and other latest trends but it is the tourist’s destination. Artists, families, friends and even solo travelers and enjoy the journey. You need a road trip, a cultural break or just holiday. This country welcomes everyone, couples can have romantic Morocco holidays while families and adventure seekers can enjoy endless fun of the activities.

Experience of Hiking to the summit of Toubkal

I am freaking afraid of the heights that love to see the extremes. I am also quite lazy to achieve anything. Anyways, after the extensive planning of taking a hiking tour to the Jbel Toubkal was my idea and my friends were supposed to follow. They were not sure if I would make until an end or just sit in a middle way crying out loud. Well, to my surprise and their shock I made it to the peak without giving up on my hopes. This is what travel challenges make us do and after all the happenings, reaching your goal is an awful feeling.

Now let’s plunge into some depth of the tour. Actually, it’s a 2 to 3 days’ complete tour from Marrakech. We head to the base with our local English guide (who was a local citizen) and on the way, he explained to us that It’s only walking but not quite easy. The height of Mount Toubkal is 4167m and its trekking mainly has a very smooth path to follow.

Apart from the climbing/hiking, there was a real fun in anxiety that I had. It was the world most frightening feeling while I was going high and high.  I will not lie but there were various points in a middle way when I wanted to quit and go back or sit there to cry but I had no other option.

I was then lost in a mesmerizing beauty around the summit of Toubkal. As I was so close to the nature that I almost forgot about the anxiety and maybe myself too. This is the real tranquillity that was entering in my mind, leading to the direction.

However, overall it was the overwhelming yet most beautiful experience of my life. This tour changed my perspective towards the life. I was affirmative with a thought of calculated risks, either it’s about the business or your personal life. One challenging journey was enough to change the direction of my opinion. Now I know the meaning to plunge into the direction that is conveyed by your heart.

Pack your bags and leave for any challenging travel journey. There is nothing greater than taking risks without any calculations because few of them are worth taking.

Everything Is Good If It Ends Good

Life has many different ways to surprise us. We may be reluctant to do any particular thing but once we do, most of the time, it makes us feel proud of ourselves. Sometimes, it’s good not to have any other option because only then you can learn the real marvels of life. Every moment it cherishable and every emotion has its own energy that can be utilized in the growth of mind. Just make your own way and challenge yourself at every moment to learn and glow. So, it’s your time to step out of the comfort zone and discover the ability to chase your dreams.

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