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Here Are 10 Types of Scarves You Can Buy.

Scarves are the pieces of clothes that are mainly worn in a stylized manner around the neck. They are available in different materials and designs and hence one can easily make a fashion statement out of it.

Scarf manufacturers do have plenty of varieties when it comes to these days. Before buying a few from the, one must know the common variations and materials in which scarves are available.

Cotton scarves

They are plain or very thinly printed scarves made of cotton fabric. As per the fabric type, they are light weighted and so one can easily use them during summers or in humid weather. They can be wrapped stylishly around the neck and they can easily stay in place. Summer floral is perfect when it comes to cotton scarves.

Chiffon scarves

This material is also very lightweight and they are thin in nature. They are easiest to tie around the neck and they are so light that one does not even feel the difference. One can also make it look a bit unique by trimming some lace at the 4 corners of the scarves.

Net scarves

This fabric is said to be the ideal when it comes to making scarves. One needs to go for very smooth fabrics like tulle and not the regular synthetics which are scratchy and cause irritation on the skin. One can also add some trims like chains, sequins or laces so that they can get a different edge. They, when worn, can really change the look of an outfit.

Silk Scarves

These can be really fancy scarves as they are expensive. One can look for some hand-painted silk scarves as they are rare and when worn can look really attractive and unique.

Cashmere scarves

They are the most luxurious fabrics when it comes to scarf materials. In fact, original cashmere shawls are very rare and having one of them is a possession.

Velvet scarves

They are heavy and thick according to the fabric and one can use the whole width of the fabric to make a shawl out of it as well instead of a scarf. When it comes to scarves, the tube-shaped ones made of velvet are really popular.

Plaid scarves

It is a kind of woollen fabric and they sometimes do have a tartan chequered pattern. This one is perfect to wear in winter.

Bandana scarves

This one is mostly a printed cotton scarf that has interesting prints and nice borders. They can cover the neck pretty well and look really stylish.

Chequered fabric scarves

It is a type of pattern that is mostly worn by men. One can pair them up with round neck T-shirts.

Hand knitted woolen scarves

Woolen scarves are used mostly in winter and if they are hand knitted then one must know that they are super comfortable. They can ward off the cold very easily.

If one wants to wear sarong woman,they can also take long and broad cotton or silk scarf and style it as a proper sarong and a beachwear.

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