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Anti-Ligature Assessment Essential for Mental Healthcare

Anti-Ligature Assessment Essential for Mental Healthcare

In 2018 there were 6,507 deaths in the UK due to suicide and 80 to 90% of people who die by suicide are experiencing mental distress. People with mental ill health are far more likely to harm themselves than anyone else. Sadly, many people undergoing treatment for mental health issues are

Harness your brain power to lose weight for good

Dieting doesn’t have to be difficult. By harnessing the power of your brain you can make long term lifestyle changes and lose the weight for good. With more than two thirds of adults in the UK classed as overweight or obese, it’s fair to say that the country is in the

Best E-liquids Without Nicotine.

There is such a vast selection of e-liquids for vaping on the market, which certainly makes it overwhelming to find the best one for you. The e-juices have diverse VG/PG ratios, different nicotine strength, huge variety of flavours beginning with classical tobacco and finishing with dessert tastes. When it comes

Important Of Using Nutritional Supplements

Supplements can support and improve health. Health spending is one of the most critical components of the household budget. Anything that reduces these costs, along with better health, is an advantage. With long-term and complimentary use of supplements, current and future health care costs will decrease, and the quality of

The Budgeters Guide To Finding The Perfect Spa Break Deal

Be it any season from spring to autumn, your body deserves to replenish the moisture and the glow after too much outdoor exposure. This could only happen when you know how to find the best Spa deals that fit your budget, needs and comfort. If you have not been to Spa

The importance of HIPAA legislation for everyone

HIPAA legislation for everyone

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996 and m, since then, has been seen as important legislation for everyone, organizations and patients.  This is due to the fact that HIPAA helps to deal possible healthcare fraud, simplified healthcare operations and allowed for rules that healthcare organizations