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Guide on How to Start a Courier Company in India

Courier Industry is one of the growing businesses in India. The advance in the e-commerce trade, helping courier services to develop their business amazingly. Courier business provides the perfect solution to deliver goods in India and beyond the border. It assists in connecting with people around the world. The evolution of technology, doing it accessible and useful for consumers to deliver goods in time. Read more about Courier Business in India and learn how to set-up Courier Business in India.

The Indian courier trade size is evaluated at Rs. 14,000 crores in 2016-17.  As a premium part, the courier industry is a small but significant part of the logistics trade. It is one of the quickest growing sections of the industry. The production is assumed to grow at 17% per annum to Rs. Twenty thousand crores in the following three years.

Things to consider while applying for the Courier Business Franchise or Checklist to Starting your Own Courier Business in India –

    A Legal Setup with the Proper License and Tax Registration. Apply for Online GST Registration.

    A Decent Place for the opening your Franchise.

    Initial investment (It may differ depending on the organization).

    Economic Credentials like a bank statement.

    Consent Letter from the Courier Head office.

    Logistics Agreement between the Company and Franchise.

    A lot of Funds from the Investors through Venture Capital, Angel or other Sources.

    Setup a Legal Existence as a Private Limited Company in India.

     Build a Unit and Invest in Trainings & Service Quality.

     Establish a Great Network.

Options for starting Courier business in India –

  1. One needs to place his Logistics and Courier Company –

If you intend to begin your courier company in India then Allocating funds from investors is the most pre-eminent part to start the business. One can raise capitals from investors at the primary level to set up the interface. Reputed international companies and are well set in the logistics business as compared to some experts in India who are doing well. Also, you can get in touch with one of the leading software company to get your courier app.

Here are few Courier Companies in India which are well-established –

  • DHL Express India Private Limited – it is established in 1969 and has a global presence in more than 200 countries.
  • Blue Dart Express Limited – it was set in 1994 & it is a subsidiary of DHL.
  • First Flight Courier Limited – it is established in 1986 & has around 1200 domestic offices.
  • FedEx India – it’s set in 1973 & distribution offices in 220 countries
  • DTDC Courier and Cargo Limited – it’s built-in 1990 & holds reasonable market share in courier service in India.
  • TNT Express – it’s built-in 1974 & has an appearance in more than 190 countries.
  • Gati Limited – It is set in 1989 & has a strong market presence in South Asia and Asia Pacific region.
  • Overnight Express Limited – It is established in 1987 & Serving more than 2800 location in the country.

So before starting own Courier Company, you have to raise funds from the Investors. You can start as a Private Limited Company registration & raise funds through investor by allotting the shares. From the above big Logistic companies, there are a lot of Indian Start-ups like Delivery which started from scratch, and today it’s India’s top well established E-Commerce Logistics business.

  1. Take a franchise from the reputed and well-established courier company

India is one of the foremost growing courier service providers. There are many best franchise business opportunities. Before starting your business, you can take the franchise and discover more about this business. From versatility with safety, productivity, and timeliness you will learn everything. By opting for this choice, you will be proved to the well-developed vast network and an optimized way.

Here are Some Well-Established Franchise Courier Companies in India –

  • Indian Speed Post Franchise Opportunity – Here you can appeal for the Indian Speed Post office Franchise.
  • DHL Express.
  • DTDC Franchise.
  • First Flight.

Start your own Courier Company with the help of this article. It will assist you with the essential requirements and provide you details. From planning to performance, transports, supplies, and a name for your business consider everything. Do not neglect about the insurance, consider opting for the suitable type of insurance and protect your business. For the legal set up you can choose It will help you with the Company Registrations, Trademark Registrations, GST Registrations, and Modifications.

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