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GenTent: Generator Cover Review

Many of us have been there before: “I needed to run my generator, but it was raining /snowing/stormy, and I had to sit around in the heat/cold/ darkness without any power because my generator was weatherproof. No! ” It seems a bit unfair that you can give a grand jolt to something that needs to be run outside, but it can’t handle a little wetness. Or too wet. You would think that generator manufacturers would build in some IP protection. But, until this happens, a company called GenTent has come up with a solution that allows you to run your generator in inclement weather. This is because put it simply, GenTent is a tent for your generator.

Sure, the generator cover is not really a new thing. You have a lot of options to cover the generator. Most of them are waterproof and resist from Uv rays. However, while these other covers work well for storage, you probably should not leave them while the generator is running. Because they all blink on the body of the generator, they will retain the heat of the generator, and will not allow for proper ventilation.

GenTent Key Features

  • Operate your generator securely outdoor in wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet
  • Shields sensitive electrical panels and outlets and head shape removes water
  • Provides for easy refueling with large opening door covers
  • Unlimited cover size fits most generators ranging 
  • The generator keeps required cooling airflow
  • To keep portability  in your portable generator
  • Connects to all support parts direct on your generator
  • Vinyl fabric for RF welded seam and waterproofing
  • No tool required

5 Best Generator Cover in 2019

When using generators especially on the road, it is likely that it will withstand dust, sunlight and other weather elements. These states only stimulate the aging of your device. To avoid that, a generator cover is important. For even better protection, a weatherproof generator cover would be ideal as the weather is always unpredictable.

Now, getting a perfect cover should always be a priority. Like fabric, covers are available depending on the size of your machine. Therefore, fitting your generator with the correct cover improves safety. Now, while using your generator, mostly outside, we have selected some of the best weatherproof covers available online.

1-Leader Accessories Water/UV Resistant Generator Cover  

Leader Accessories is a company dedicated to providing excellent cover for generators large and small. This extra-large weatherproof cover of the company is dedicated to ensuring that your machine is protected from weather elements.

Made from one of the toughest materials in 210D polyester with PU coating, it keeps water and UV light from your generator. Also, there is not much dust, scratches, or rain damage.

The cover is easy to retain when fitted into the generator. It boasts Velcro straps that prevent the cover from blowing through the air. Strong double stitching gives it durability and the ability to resist weather elements. Bag carrying makes easy portability easy, especially when going out.

2-Honda Generator Silver Cover

Honda is one of the known manufacturers of generators and other equipment. This Honda generator silver cover is committed to keeping your machine clean and safe.

It has an OEM unlike other covers, which means high quality and exceptional durability. Manufactured from high-quality clothing, the cover is dedicated to covering your Honda generator.

In addition to the cover being durable, it boasts a waterproof urethane coating and polyester fabric that keeps water and other weather elements off.

Furthermore, there are no trials and errors when fitting this cover as it has an elastic band.

3-Honda Generator Camouflage Cover

Promote the generator by obtaining a safety shield to protect it from weather uncertainties. This Honda generator camouflage cover is an excellent pick to protect your machine, especially when on the road.

The structure of this cover is added and boasts polyester fabric. In addition, the clothes are coated with waterproof materials that keep the rain out of the generator.

Although the cover is waterproof, it has excellent respiratory capacity that keeps moisture away to prevent the generator from rusting.

4-Porch Shield Waterproof Generator cover 

Having a generator cover in the form of a porch shield is one of the safest ways to protect your generator. It claims to be waterproof construction with premium quality material to ensure that it remains weatherproof at all times.

In addition, it has notable dimensions as it measures 38 x 28 x 30 inches, providing maximum protection. Thanks to the 600D durable polyester material with water-resistant lamination as an undercoating.

5-The Champion Weather-Resistance Generator cover

Champion Power Equipment is constantly on the right track to give high-quality generator associates. For the resistance cover in inclement weather, this generator cover showed its deep artistry. The cover highlights an all-weather proof idea to keep your generator clean, dry and safe.

All-weather protection is a result of a combination of characteristics that make this cover resistant to various weather elements. These include UV, water, ice, and air.

Therefore, the generator is protected from any possible damage. Thanks to the strong vinyl exterior which is 100% waterproof, UV resistant and also tough for all other external elements.


In this blog, you can read GenTent, Generator Cover Review. With the help of this blog, it will be easy for you to get the right GenTent for your generator. For other details related to New generator and Used Generator, you can freely contact our EO energy Team.

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