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Effects of Personal Emergency Response Devices in Improving Health


Basically the (PERS) Personal-Emergency-Response devices are also known as Medical-Emergency-Response devices, basically, these systems are meant to make an instant call in any of the emergency situations simply by pushing a button. Basically, the PER systems consist of three components:

  • Minor radio aerials
  • The console that will be connected with the telephone
  • Emergency response center that will actually monitors your calls.

Basically, the aerials are considered very light-weight and battery operated devices. That can be easily worn around the neck, belt, pocket or wrist of person. So when you think you need help you can simply press the button present on the aerials that will automatically send a direct signal to the console. Actually these devices are meant to dial automatically at the one or more telephone numbers that you have save in the device. But there are some PERS that are programmed in a way that it will make a direct call to the emergency response center. After that center will detect the nature of an emergency. And then they will notify the related person or authority.

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PERS Devices are Helpful in Resolving Major Public Health Issues:

Basically the personal-emergency-response devices are being used wildly amongst the Leading Age members and are considered to be very popular as compared to other medical-related programs that are covered under Medicaid Waiver programs. These devices are actually very much popular and helpful in promoting general public health and safety. According to the previous records, these systems are helpful in reducing the risks of injuries and causalities. Other than that you should opt for emergency lighting installation. Here we are discussing some of the major health issues from which PERS can save you:

  • Death and Serious Injury:

 you can use these devices whenever you suffered from unexpected falls or serious injuries. It can help you to get proper and timely treatment from the hip fracture and painful brain injury, and lots of other serious injuries just like bruises and scratches.

Ways to Use PERS Devices More Effectively:

Actually PERS are being used by most of the aging services organizations that are looking for the ways to provide complete protection to its patients here we are explaining tips for using these devices more effectively:

  • Option of Selecting the Person Whom You Want to Call:

 Actually these devices will give you complete liberty to choose the number at whom you want to call in case of emergency. Other than that you can opt to set a default number of call center that will handle your calls with care and after recognizing the nature of your emergency they will transfer your call to the related department.

  • Areas in Which These PERS Devices Could Be Used:

 Actually the best thing about the PERS devices is that you can use it in house, office, organization, old age homes, in the community etc. these devices are very much effective in helping people who are in need of help or want to have emergency help. So you should prefer to buy these devices as it will help you to make sure that all your relatives and family members are out of danger.

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