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Do you want an app that can fetch the video from any platform?

Vidmate App

With the help of modern technologies, one can do a lot of things. One can get loans, open an account in a bank or even hire a service provider for his AC; everything is possible with the help of a few clicks on an app on a smartphone. Usually, one can find a good app for any of his requirements on the play store of a smartphone, and that is why it is called a smartphone. However, there are some issues where still people do not get the desired solution, although there are many apps available on the play store.

One of such issues is getting a video downloaded on the device. If one has Apple phone, the task can be more challenging also as the apps for play store do not work on iOS, and hence one needs to get its different version which is available for these phones only. The market has ample apps available that claim the downloading of any video from any platform but it is not completely true as half of the apps show errors only. It does not mean that one can have no option to get the video on his device.

The problem:

For the video lovers, there are numerous videos available on social media sites as well as the sites which are dedicated to video watching only. But these sites do not permit the users to download the same on his device. If one tries to download, it is saved on the cloud of the concerned platform only and not on the device. To counter this, one can for the vidmate for ios, which is a different and trusted app. This app is not available on any platform other than its site, which is 9apps. From this site, only one can go for the downloading of the same.

The app:

Once the user goes to the site of 9apps, he can see a link to download the vidmate for ios. With a single click on the link, the system initiates downloading, and in a few seconds, one can find the app on his iPhone. The user needs to provide the required permissions to the app after it is installed. Once the app is installed, the device is ready to get the video of the user’s choice.

Get the video:

The video may be available on any platform. The user needs to get the link of the video and paste the same in the app where he finds the specific space for the same. Once the link is pasted, he can find the download button where he needs to click. With the clicking of the download button, the app starts pulling the video from the concerned platform. Once the video is downloaded, it also notifies the user and stores the same in a separate folder on the device. Hence the user can view the video or send it to other users via any messenger. He can also post the video on social media in a particular group

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