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DIY Owl Wall Decals

DIY Owl Wall Decals

Having a new baby is just so exciting.  You always dream about seeing, touching and kissing them for almost a year. A lot of preparations, worries and doubts naturally happen. And from the very first moment you hold this little angel with your hands, you talk to yourself and say “I will do everything that I can for this wonderful creature”.

One way of preparing before birth or even after birth of a baby is by creating and organizing his/her own nursery room. You don’t have to upgrade and spend too much to buy a bigger home.In fact, you can make-over an area or a vacant room just by adding some distinctive design that will be perfect for your baby. Here let me teach you how to make D.I.Y owl wall decals.


  • First, clean the area or vacant room that you want to be your baby’s new place. It is better to have a plain wall to add more sense of peace and innocence.
  • Measure the area where you want to place the design so that you won’t make it too big or too small.
  • Create a decal branch or branches where you will place the owls. Its length should not be longer that your previous measurement.
  • Look for owl patterns (on magazines, books, or internet) that you want to remake.
  • Using a Pencil, you can trace or draw owl patterns on any kind of wall decal that you prefer but better choose the non-toxic ones. You can create great art when you use different colors. Make different sizes of owls like daddy owl, mommy owl, and baby owls.
  • Finally, cut all the patterns and adhere it to your wall.

Honestly, it will be easier to buy wall decals for babyavailable at trusted online stores. A lot of manufacturers making products for babies and kids are becoming more sensible about the quality of their products. Take a look at this wall sticker that is made of fabric.

Can you see how a simple sticker adds more attractiveness in the above example? This kind of sticker is made of quality and finely weaved fabric. Apart from its easy to peel easy to stick application, its materials are also non-toxic and safe for your nursery room as well as for the environment.

Try adding wall decor like this and it will surely make your baby’s room full of positive aura and tranquility.Apart from having a fun time, your future visitors will surely appreciate the added accent on the wall. It is never an easy task being a parent especially for the first timers. There are so many things to get done and you don’t know what to do. Don’t stress out because everything will work out. Turn your worries into excitement. Never make your doubts be a hindrance of exploring new things. Do your tasks one at a time. You can start bymakingyour nursery room as adorable as your little one. Enjoy and have fun!

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