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Difference Between Recirculating Clean Bench & Cleanroom Workbenches

Cleanrooms are found in many industries like the medical or pharmaceutical sectors, scientific labs and some special manufacturing facilities. These rooms are specially designed to be sealed off from outside environment, so the inner atmosphere of cleanrooms are free from foreign particles and contaminated air. Certain activities like manufacturing semiconductors and transistors, or working with chemicals and pathogen samples are performed strictly inside the cleanroom. Their purpose is to maintain a sterile environment, as well as to prevent harmful substance from being released into the surroundings.

Cleanroom Workbenches

Different types of furniture and equipments are made specially for cleanrooms. Cleanroom workbenches are also a type of furniture that is specially designed to be used inside cleanrooms. These workbenches provide a suitable platform to work on sensitive samples and materials. They are usually made of stainless steel, but other materials are also available. The main features of cleanroom workbenches are that they’re strong, durable and the surface is laminated so that harmful particles and contaminants cannot stick on them. This makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Most cleanroom workbenches also have extra features like adjustable stands to change the height, and casters that allow the benches to be moved around conveniently.

Recirculating Clean Benches

Recirculating clean benches are also a special type of equipment that are commonly used in cleanrooms. These are not just simple benches, but have an air blower and filter attached to them. The filters take in air from the surroundings and free them of all foreign particles, making it clean, inert and sterile. The blower pushes the air smoothly in a certain direction towards the working surface. So when any material or sample is placed on the working surface, the blowing air will push away allharmful compounds to protect the sample from contamination.

As the name suggests, an important feature of recirculating clean benches is that the contaminated air that is blown away from the working surface is guided back into a pre-filter. By passing the air through a pre-filter before it enters the main filter, the longevity of the main filter is increased.

Differences between Recirculating Clean Bench and Cleanroom Workbench

Both the cleanroom workbenches and recirculating clean benches have different functionalities.

A cleanroom workbench is more or less like a simple bench that provides a platform where materials can be placed to work upon. They are made of corrosion and contamination resistant materials. However, they do not ensure the protection of materials and specimens from contamination.

So these workbenches can be used as surface to work on general materials that do not require a sterile atmosphere. But any specimen that is sensitive to foreign particles cannot be placed on a simple cleanroom workbench.

On the other hand, recirculating clean benches are made to protect any sample or specimen from contamination while they are being worked upon. They have a special configuration for air to blow continuously through the work surface which drives away all contaminants. So they are particularly suitable for those specimens that react to external agents, or chemicals and materials that can emit harmful compounds. The recirculating function improves the efficiency of the equipment, and provides extra protection to the air filters.

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