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Considering Gastric Sleeve Revision? 3 Likely Options

Looking for a gastric sleeve revisional surgery? Most of the time, revisional sleeve procedures are solutions to stretched stomach pouch or specific health conditions developed. Whether dealing with weight regain or gastric reflux complications, the entrusted surgeon might offer different ways out. Get to know the 3 most popular sleeve gastrectomy revision options.

1. Redoing the sleeve

As with some other bariatric interventions, sleeve gastrectomy could be redone. During the “re-sleeve” procedure, a stretched pouch is fixed following pretty much the same steps as it was formed. In other words, by redoing the sleeve, an experienced surgeon removes a part of the pouch. As it returns to a smaller size, patients start losing excess weight.

By the way, if you have doubts about the quality of the prior operation, this time, make sure to go with a recognized team of highly skilled experts. Whether you decide to look for trusted experts locally or fix the gastric sleeve abroad.

2. Reform to bypass

Now, here the whole process reminds a smaller scale bypass procedure. Naturally, revision to bypass is technically less challenging than a normal bypass gastrectomy. Therefore, the risk of complications is lower. How does it look like? There are two main steps here:

  • The stretched sleeve is trimmed down to the individual right size.
  • Smaller pouch is connected to the small intestine.

After removing part of the stomach, the surgeon also shortens the food path in the digestive system. Worth mentioning that conversion to bypass is one of the most common scenarios in this case.

3. Duodenal switch

Another revisional surgery option is conversion to a duodenal switch. The process is sometimes confused with a revisional procedure to bypass. Duodenal switch is also a two-step intervention, but the main difference is in the intestinal changes.

The procedure consists of two main steps:

  • Additional part of the stretched sleeve is removed.
  • The intestines are rerouted in the way that food would bypass part of the small intestine. This way, calories absorbed from each meal decrease.

Depending on individual health conditions and the amount of weight regained, sometimes a duodenal switch is the most effective solution.

Don’t know which option is the best for you? Only a highly skilled surgeon can tell if you qualify for the second procedure in the first place. Therefore, don’t rush into specifi