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Conn Trombones For Beginners And Experienced Players

Trombones For Beginners

C.G. Conn has been in the musical instrument business since 1875.  Before he started making his own instruments, he had invented and made rubber mouthpieces for wind instruments.  As a cornet player, he appreciated the comfort the mouthpieces provided.  Since the beginnings of Conn instruments, the quality has continued to escalate and stay at the top of the market.  Their reputation for providing top of the line instruments is legendary.  Conn trombone is one of the best sellers.

The company produces a line of Conn trombones.  The Conn 88h trombone is a tenor trombone that comes with an F Rotor.  They start at around twenty-two hundred dollars.  These are symphony quality trombones.  It is in key Bb/F.  It has a .547 inch bore, and the bell is eight inches.  The trombone is made of a combination of brass, sterling and nickel silver.  The clarity and projection of the instrument keep this Conn trombone an all-time favorite for professionals.

The Conn bass trombone line has numerous excellent options too.  The bass trombone line features symphony quality instruments made in six different models.  These models are specific to bass trombones the alto trombones are an entirely separate division.  These professional quality instruments start at around two thousand dollars each.  The Conn instruments are some of the best the industry has to offer.

A Conn 6h trombone began production in 1919 through 1979.  This durable trombone is still widely used for students and those who collect vintage instruments.  The later models have an 8″ bell for a full, low-end sound.  These instruments can be used in concert and dance band work because of their quality is excellent.  The versatility of this trombone has kept it at the top of the desirability list.

The Conn 62h bass trombone is made in the key of B.  It has a .562 bore and a 9 1/2″ annealed rose brass bell.  There are also three different mouthpieces that come with the trombone.  Numerous accessories can be added to the trombone to improve the sound, pitch, and versatility.  This professional-grade instrument retails for around three thousand dollars.

The Conn company has established itself as a world leader in student, professional and band instruments.  The trombone line continues the tradition.  Top-quality construction with only the best materials produces instruments that are durable and sound terrific.  This is the trombone that a student can start with and take through their lifetime.  They also make perfect heirlooms to pass down through the generations.