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Choosing the Correct Tube Insert: How To Do It 

Tube inserts also known as tube fittings, tube end caps or blanking tube inserts – are a frequently used product designed to provide a finished end to an item, ensure there are no sharp edges and protect from things such as water ingress.

Tube inserts are used across various industries on everything from office and school furniture to appliances and consumer goods.

Tube Insert Applications

  • To complete a tube or pipe Tube inserts are cost effective and quick and easy to install; providing a sleek way to discretely finish the end of a pipe or tube.
  • Seating, furniture and chair feet Commonly seen on things such as school chairs this type of insert can be used to help reduce damage to floors and add grip to the legs or feet of furniture.
  • Internal protection

For posts or metal tubing that is located outside, tube inserts seal off the internal space and protect against ingress and water which helps prolong the life of the application.

Adding a function

This is something that is achieved by using insert parts that are specifically designed for this purpose. By installing a threaded tube connector or insert, external components or additional tubes can be attached.

Why choose tube inserts?

There are many benefits to using tube inserts which is why they are commonly chosen over other alternative products and solutions.

  • Fitting–Compared to most other solutions, tube inserts are extremely straight forward to fit. The flexible ribs ensure a secure fitting with no need for extra components or bonding agents which means to fit it is a simple matter of lining it up with the tube and tapping it into place.
  • Price – Tube inserts can be extremely cost effective especially when purchased in bulk and offer a simple, low cost alternative to more expensive solutions such as rubber stoppers.
  • Variety – Due to their varying uses and applications, tube inserts are available in a large variety of shapes, sizes and even colours so there should be no problem finding something to match your needs!

How to choose the correct insert?

There are many different tube insert solutions available for a wide range of applications. Once you know your measurements it is important to choose the right insert for the job.

  • Standard Inserts – one of the most affordably priced inserts these come in a wide range of sought after shapes such as oval, round, rectangle and square as well as various sizes. They are typically made from long lasting, durable materials such as Nylon and Plastic.
  • Threaded & Spring Inserts – these unique inserts supply the attachment to the tube for a male threaded component. These are available in a range of shapes and female metric thread sizes.
  • Tube Connectors – these bespoke inserts are produced for the connection of tubular frames commonly used for things such as temporary stands to create a structure or frame.
    If you are unsure about which type of insert is right for you then be sure to find reliable tube insert suppliers that can advise you on the best solution for your type of application.


It is important that you obtain accurate measurements of the tube to ensure a tightly fastened fit and secure finish. These measurements include;

Outside diameter (OD) = measure the distance between the two outer lips of the tube

Internal diameter (ID) = measure the distance between the two inner lips of the tube

Wall thickness (WT) = Using your outside and internal measurements you can calculate the wall thickness range needed to achieve a secure fitting. The sum is (OD – ID ÷ 2 = WT).

Once you have accurate measurements and know the type of tube insert you need you are ready to order your fittings!

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