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Career Tips For Women

Whether you are currently employed or looking for new employment, it can be challenging for women to get ahead in the workplace. These five tips to becoming a successful businesswomen can help you face and overcome those challenges:

  1. Create And Take Advantage of Opportunities

The ability to take the initiative in the workplace is key to advancing your career. However, building a reputation around it is something very few people are able to get right. Suggesting new ideas and being creative sets you apart from your work colleagues and gives you a competitive edge.

Constantly assess areas of the business that have been neglected and where there may be room for improvement or space for growth. Sharing new ideas with your boss and team are good ways to showcase your ability to partner in business and build on your reputation as a critical thinker placing your ahead of the pack on your career path.

  1. Adapt And Learn

Invest time in your furthering your own education or learning new skills. You can simply do some additional research into a subject of interest or take an online course to enhance or upgrade your current knowledge. Alternatively, you can hone crucial business skills or take and executive management course on a part-time basis to open up new avenues of opportunity.

Maintaining a positive attitude and approach towards continued learning ensure that you keep up to date with current facts, changes and trends as well keeping your mind sharp. You never know when something you just researched or learnt will add value in a meeting or will impress someone. Keep your mind open, you never know where your new skills and knowledge may take you, read this blog by Redline.

  1. Build A Professional Network

It simply cannot be stressed enough how important networking is to career success. You never know when one of your business or social contacts are going to be useful in forwarding your career or simply establish your reputation as someone who is well connected.

Connect with business partners both within and without your industry. A strong network will constantly provide you with new business and job opportunities and ensure that you are in touch with additional resources and market intelligence when you need them most.

  1. Invest In Mentorship

Don’t underestimate the value of a mentor who is a good role model and whom you admire. They have gained knowledge from experience that is invaluable and will offer unbiased advice and insights that you cannot get anywhere else. The challenges and obstacles that you have yet to face they have already overcome. A good mentor will also help you identify and introduce you to new opportunities and ensure you take advantages of these while providing you with access to their own personal and business network.

  1. Plan Your Career Path

A popular question in job interviews is “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. Most people only have a general idea of where they want to be and this is probably not going to further them to the next step in the interview process or in their career.

Take the time to create a detailed career plan with goals and how you plan to meet these goals for at least a 5 year term. This will not only impress potential employers but will also act as a guide to keep you on the path to reaching the career success that you envision for yourself. Remember to update your plan regularly and ensure that it is flexible enough to adapt as you and your career changes, grows and evolves.