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Can Anxiety Cause Urticaria?

Urticaria or hives, which is commonly termed as an allergic rash, is one of the health conditions that many individuals suffer worldwide. And, if you are wondering what causes urticaria and whether urticaria can occur due to anxiety, think no further. Read on to learn all about it.

Urticaria is a skin reaction which makes you suffer from itchy, red welts. This skin irritation can be the result of some emotional disturbances, such as stress, anger, sadness, or even anxiety. Such kind of expression of a disease is called as psychosomatic disorder, in which a persistent disturbance in the emotional plane, thought process/thinking or psychological plane can lead to a bodily/physical/somatic symptom.

As everyone easily relates that sweating occurs when the person is under stress, fear, or nervousness, similarly, persistent abnormal emotional stimulation can lead to abnormal physical disturbances or physical symptoms, and hives or urticaria is one of them.

Anxiety is another observed cause of urticaria, besides the suspected triggers of urticaria, such as food allergies by eating seafood & other non-veg food substances, even eggs, along with vegetarian suspects, such as mushrooms, peanuts etc., protein substances, and exposure to the allergic substances from any source, such as plants, animals, pests etc. Hereditary and hormonal disturbances are also contributing factors. There are several other factors which are still unknown, and if all those factors are discovered, the medical fraternity will be all the more well-equipped to prevent and treat urticaria or hives.

As a matter of fact, anxiety-related urticaria can be considered as an important discovery other than allergic reasons.

Treatment OfUrticaria With The Conventional Medicine:

Treatment of urticaria in the conventional method is solitarily dependant on allergic triggers only, irrespective of the multifactorial causes.

A general anti-histamine is prescribed to relieve the skin lesions, and that provides just a temporary result. Unfortunately, it has a rebound effect with double impact by increasing the suffering of the individual with more intensity, greater frequency, & greater duration of urticaria/hives, thus making the immune system of the affected individual so dependent on those medications which render helplessness & one has to take ever-increasing doses of those medications.

The emotional plane is neglected & is not considered in the list of triggers of urticaria in this method of treatment. Even if urticaria resulting due to anxiety is prescribed with their general anti-histamines, it does not relieve the symptoms.

Treatment Of Urticaria With Homeopathy:

On the contrary, homeopathic treatment has helped both the allergic-related urticaria patients as well as anxiety-related urticaria patients, by not just relieving the complaints but also curing them for once & all.

One of the most beneficial and superior factors in going for homeopathy is that homeopathy considers both mind and body aspects while ascertaining the actual trigger in each and every case of the urticaria. It individualizes every case and differentiates the patients from one another. Homeopathy believes in treating the actual cause of the disease is the only solution to find an effective solution to this troubling, irritating, itchy condition of urticaria.

Considering the larger picture, medical science is evolving with better techniques, quality instruments, high standards of research & advanced medications, and so is with Homeopathy. Life Force is the pioneer in the current Homeopathic era under the direct care and guidance of Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD, and so the research in the homeopathic field has scaled peaks. The discovery of new homeopathic medicines by him have helped several patients immensely in shorter durations than usual, with long-lasting positive effects, and with no side effects & no dependency. Without a doubt, homeopathy is a very good solution to treat urticaria as well as many more diseases.

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