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Bundle the Best TV, Internet and Voice – Review

After the appearance of HFC (Hybrid-fiber coaxial) in the market commercially in 1990, the new revolution began, while keeping in mind the potential of HFC. Primarily, it was used for cable TV services because of it’s bandwidth capabilities, later it foresaw the addition of new candidate services like high-speed internet, VoIP phone in the bandwidth together with cable TV. Today, many cable companies providewith different facilities by combining internet, TV and phone. Onesuch cable network provider is Charter Spectrum.

What makes spectrum internet best?

This is the core service of spectrum cable, spectrum is providing one of the best quality internet in the cable industry. As anindependent leader in cable internet service provider,it transformed how people link, interconnect and get entertained efficiently, with some imperfections, they are working hard to construct and upholda reputation for creating innovative home and business solutions without compromising any of their services. It provides you with blazing fast internet of speed ranging between 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps without throttling the connection with data cap. Subscription to Spectrum Internet can unlock other good features like email service, security suite, Hotspot internet and 24/7 support.

What makes spectrum TV best?

With this servicewatch all of your favorite channels at home and many top-rated networks from any Wi-Fi connection.Charter cable TV dealsmade lot of feasible ways to make the entertainment with no halt in-between. To new customers Spectrum gives free of charge DVR which has the capability to record 780 hours of HD broadcasts or 200 hours of regular programs and also you can schedule recordings and manage recording settings through the DVR settings.You can also access your TV service from the Spectrum app for the PC and smartphone, that mean you can watch the TV while traveling too. Spectrum TV has made an online user management which gives access to customers to live program, find TV Guide listings and manage On Demand content from their computers or any internet device. There is another category of Spectrum TV, where user can get all the local channel and get a choice to customize 10 channels as they wish, the choice differs depending on the location of the customer. The option of one demand list is also available with Spectrum TV Choice, no cable box, equipment fee need for this feature.

What makes spectrum voice best?

Spectrum voice is extra service provided by the spectrum. Spectrum Phone is different from ordinary phone due it its cost and voice clarity with no service provider contract and no worry for keeping looking at the watch to count minutes. With Spectrum Voice you will get much more, for example, unlimited local and long distance calling which covers most territories of U.S like Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana Island. And 28 of the most popular phone features. There is also a battery backup system with eight hours of standby and five hours of talk time in caseof emergency calling during blackout.

How to bundle them?

Spectrum Bundle option comes in many types of combination between, internet, TV and phone. We will take a quick look at all of them.

Spectrum double play

In spectrum double play there are three combinations. You can bundle Spectrum InternetwithSpectrum voice with all of its standard features, or Spectrum InternettoSpectrum TV, both with standard features. And Spectrum TV with Spectrum voice combination if you have no desire of Spectrum internet

Spectrum triple play

In triple play you can get all the services bundles together. It becomes in 3 combination. Spectrum Internet and Spectrum Voice come with standard features. Spectrum TV comes in three different tiers Select, Silver and Gold. Select comes with 125+ channels, Silver tier comes with more 50 channels and few premium channels. Gold comes with 200+ plus extra premium channels.

Final thought

Charter Spectrum has brought good deals and awesome combinations with its services. It is one of the best cable service in the US, which has almost access to the whole nation. It has good user review and huge database. The most attractive feature of the spectrumis the 500$ worth old contract buyout if you are stuck in oneVisit Spectrum Cable to get services.

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