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Birthday Celebration Places in Delhi for Couples

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Prevalently known as the capital of India, Delhi is broadly known as ‘Dill walo ki Delhi’ pointing towards the warmth found in the hearts of Delhiites that influences it to receive each individual, culture and language. This cosmopolitan nature of Delhi is the thing that makes it such a fascination in the general population who end up becoming hopelessly enamored with this memorable spot. Despite the fact that, it involves an extremely little zone the populace thickness is a demonstration of all the promotion you find out about this spot. Regardless of on the off chance that you are a vacationer or an ordinary Delhiite, we are certain that you can never have your fill of Delhi regardless of whether you venture to every part of the entire niche and crevice of this astounding spot. From bistros and bars, parks and historical centers, Delhi is a blessing from heaven and what better day to make it work out than your birthday. Commend your unique day or plan one for your friends and family investigating the uncommon things that make this city ‘Quite Special’. The following are some unique approaches to commend the birthday of your friends and family in evident Delhiite style with presents, cakes, and astonishment visits-

India Gate Complex

The India Gate situated in Delhi,was part of the work of the Imperial War Graves Commission (I.W.G.C), which came into existence in December 1917 for building war graves and memorials to soldiers killed in the First World War.

The foundation stone of the All-India War Memorial was laid on 10 February 1921, at 4:30 PM, by the visiting Duke of Connaught in a solemn soldierly ceremony attended by Officers and Men of the British Indian Army, Imperial Service Troops, the Commander in Chief, and Chelmsford, the viceroy.[5] On the occasion, the viceroy said, “The stirring tales of individual heroism, will live for ever in the annals of this country”, and that the memorial which was a tribute to the memory of heroes, “known and unknown” would inspire, future generations to endure hardships with similar fortitude and “no less valour”.

Buddha Garden, Dhaula Kuan

A hotspot for young couples is the Buddha Garden in Dhaula Kuan. It is a famous romantic place in Delhi. It could be a little unsafe because it resides in a secluded area and there have been reports of notorious incidents happening here but that doesn’t seem to stop the love bitten brave hearts to find themselves a cozy little spot at the park. It must be the manicured lawns, tiny streams, sloping terrain of the park that attracts them in such a big number.

Hauz Khas/ Deer Park/ Lake

The Deer Park along with the connected District Park (that houses the ancient Hauz Khas lake) and adjacent Rose Garden (accessible from IIT Delhi and Safdarjung Development Area) make up one of the largest green areas in New Delhi and are collectively called “the lungs of Delhi” because they provide fresh air in the otherwise polluted hustling bustling mega metropolitan Delhi. A simmering water body makes it more attractive and is the perfect haunt of nature lovers. The park is easy to arrive at from Hauz khas Village, Safdarjang Enclave and Delhi Lawn Tennis Associations Courts.

Red Fort Delhi

Constructed in 1639 by the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan as the palace of his fortified capital Shahjahanabad, the Red Fort is named for its massive enclosing walls of red sandstone and is adjacent to the older Salimgarh Fort, built by Islam Shah Suri in 1546 AD. The imperial apartments consist of a row of pavilions, connected by a water channel known as the Stream of Paradise (Nahr-i-Bihisht). The fort complex is considered to represent the zenith of Mughal creativity under Shah Jahan,[citation needed] and although the palace was planned according to Islamic prototypes, each pavilion contains architectural elements typical of Mughal buildings that reflect a fusion of Persian, Timurid and Hindu traditions.[3] The Red Fort’s innovative architectural style, including its garden design, influenced later buildings and gardens in Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab, Kashmir, Braj, Rohilkhand and elsewhere.

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