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Best Safety Stirrups to Buy in 2021

The stirrups riding are an important part, as they play a major role in the balance and safety of the rider.

It is an element that allows the correct position in the frame, low heels and flexed knee, achieving an alignment of the rider’s back and heel. The stirrups are manufactured in two sizes, adult or child, but there are different designs and different levels of safety.

The width size should never be adapted to the boot, a riding stirrup adjusted to the boot can be dangerous in case of fall. The most correct is a stirrup that allows you to move your foot easily.

Safety stirrups

These safety stirrups are highly recommended for almost all cases. Among them we can find the simple ones, with a rubber on the outside, called Australians , in which the rubber jumps in the event of a fall and thus frees the foot. It is very normal to lose or break the rubber. The leather that holds it to the stirrup and  nothing happens because they are sold separately and are very cheap.

Also for safety they have the stirrup flexion system, which consists of the stirrup bending forward and backward, so that, in addition to releasing the foot in the event of a fall, it flexes allowing a better posture when riding.

Ophena S and Ophena T safety stirrups

Ophena S and Ophena T by are magnetic safety stirrups launched a couple of years ago. They are made available by Ophena in United Kingdom and United States. They have thought of something new, innovative and thinking of safety and then brought up in the market.

Creating safety stirrups was the main aim but they also though of making it look beautiful and giving it a luxurious feel. And, hence their safety stirrups have an open side that allows the rider’s foot to release immediately in case of an accident. There is also a foot stopper that prevents the rider’s foot from sliding out od the stirrups. It also have a a magnetic connection that keeps the foot in the correct place and with a beautiful design.

These safety stirrups by Ophena are being reviewed five stars and recommend by professional riders all around the world. As this comes with a elegant design and perfect safety measures.

Are they allowed by FEI?

Yes, many of the riders does not have an idea if they are allowed in the horse shows or showjumping shows. The FEI (Fédération Equestre Internationale) has allowed the use of safety stirrups by Ophena. For other shows, you can check with the local federation.

Where to buy these safety stirrups?

These safety stirrups can be purchased online from their website. Follow some simple steps –

  1. Pick up what stirrups you would like to buy
  2. Then choose the color
  3. Then choose your shoe size (for the magnetic insoles)
  4. Finally, add to cart and finalize the order

Very important note: they have a 60-day money-back guarantee! So you can buy it without any risk.