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Best Mobile Apps for Fitness

In case you’re considering to get in shape or you want to go for some fitness Machine exercise. Well, we are living in a digital world now and everything can be recorded or learned digitally, obviously, you need to exercise physically but you will need these apps to guide you and get good results by your hard work. There are various applications for fitness and bodybuilding which will change your life.

Some of the applications require gadgets like a smartwatch or say gear watch to track your movement or heart rate when you are working out in the gym, cycling or burning calories by jogging.

There are applications for instructions as well which will guide you about DO and DON’TS of working out, specifically yoga and bodybuilding apps are quite popular and used by many.

Today we will be listing down some of the most amazing applications for workouts:

Charity Miles – Free Source

E-commerce websites came up with different offers in collaboration with this application because this application not only helps you burn your calories and record them but you can also make charity by running, walking or cycling. The more you run the more cents you will make and you can then donate that to any charity listed in the app. Isn’t that great?

Cyclemeter –Paid App

Are you crazy for cycling, download this app? This not only tracks your cycling but walks, runs and other physical activities as well. This application collects plenty of data and comes up with accurate results. Few online shopping stores selling bicycles can give you this application for free if it’s on offer. Do try this application it’s one my favorites when it comes to cycling.

Endomondo –Paid App (Monthly & Yearly Subscription)

This piece of software will help you track your runs, cycling, walks and various other activities with accuracy, it has a very simple interface and training features as well. This is an all-in-one app if you are looking for a fully loaded app with everything in it.

Digifit iCardio –Free Source

This application is free on Android and iOS, to get the best out of this application you need a heart rate monitor device. This application is known as iCardio in Google Play. The app tracks your runs, cycling, and other workouts. If you want to use all the features of this app you should go for a smartwatch.

FIT Radio – Free / Paid for Premium

FIT Radio is a music streaming application and has some fantastic DJ mixes and other genres of music. You can go through countless music tracks while your workouts. The application has every workout type music like yoga, gym, Zumba, Spin, and others. The beauty of this application is music according to workout, so do try this application if you are a music lover and loves to listen to your favorite track while workouts.
Usually, this application is used in gym workouts where people tend to prefer energetic music tracks.

There are many applications out there for tracking heart rate, runs, workouts but these applications are accurate and you will love these applications once you try them. Do go for the free version at first and then consider going to the premium version if it fits your requirements.

For downloading music on your phone try these best music downloader apps.

These applications are worth trying and let us know your experience with these amazing applications.

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