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Benefits of Using Video Analytics Software

Artificial Intelligence is helping in varied fields including video analytics software and artificial intelligence hospitality which helps owners better serve their customers and meet their demands in the blink of an eye.

The growth in the new surveillance technologies allows us to easily monitor certain activities and secure important and private areas of the video. Video analytics is also known as intelligent video surveillance (IVS). It is used to analyze the videos and alert the concerned security person when needed.

The video analytics software is used for the extraction of relevant information from the recorded video. The concern of the software is with the content of the video. Video analytics software is able to objects, people and their surroundings and keenly analyzes them, the movements and suspicious behaviors, if any. Video analytics offers various benefits to the existing CCTV system. Video analytics make surveillance easier and faster. With the use of pixel by pixel analysis and sophisticated algorithms, they can be used for picking up on the smallest of the details.

Reduction in loss and theft

Digital system cameras capture and store more videos than the analog system with high video feed quality. Digital video cameras come with high definition video quality and wide viewing angles. Through this quality, the businessmen can actually see what is happening within and around their facility. Through the clear images, it becomes easier to press charges against individuals caught stealing or harming a property because one can now provide law enforcement with images which can be used in the prosecution of suspects.

Improves accessibility and storage

The digital cameras use digital video surveillance systems which stores all the footage the camera captures on digital video recorder systems with a lot of storage space. Now, the security team also can store more surveillance footage. Digital video surveillance systems with the help of video analytics provide the flexibility of remote and secure login.

Makes scaling easier and reduces cost

A digital video surveillance system requires very less physical infrastructure. Digital feeds also can be compressed and stored using very low space. Digital cameras also cover scalability by growing with your company as the coverage area grows. Digital cameras can be easily integrated into the network.

Motion detection and object recognition

The motion detection can be set to various levels of sensitivity. Video analytics software can also be used to distinguish between objects and is also capable of recognizing objects if they have a memory related to a certain object.

Notification and alerts

If certain unwanted activity or motion is detected by the camera, alarms are activated. E-mail and other notification messages can also be sent to the owner and the security personals. The system can also be connected to doors or lights for multitudes of functions.

Productivity is improved

With the help of video analytics software, the employees can take breaks and feel safe in the workplace knowing they do not have to worry about the surveillance and there is a digital, smart, advanced surveillance system monitoring activity in the workplace on daily basis. All the monitoring is done in real-time. There is created an accurate survey of video data with no time lag at all.

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