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Avoid These Red Flags When Selling Your Car in UAE

Selling your car in UAE can be a little tricky if you take the traditional route. It is more convenient to sell your car online in UAE. But given the right guidance, you can pull through this complicated process without getting into any trouble. You must avoid a few red flags before you sell your car.

Here are those steps that you should never underestimate:

  1. Beware to display your advertisement on the car!

It is illegal to put a display advertisement on your car’s window. Your car will be impounded by the traffic police. You cannot just risk of putting the notice anywhere on the car. If you want to sell your car in UAE you can place your ads on online sites like Dubizzle or get your car evaluated through Carbuyer. Contacting a dealer is also a way to sell directly.

  1. Beware of the scams

Frauds and scams are prevalent in the UAE. You must take stock of these news and read about all the scams. If you don’t want to be the target of car scams, then do not accept a personalcheque as payment for your car.

  1. Financial liabilities must be met

If you have outstanding loans or payments on your car, then it cannot be sold in Dubai. It is quite legitimate that of you owe money to the bank, then the car still belongs to it. You cannot sell it to another party until its financial matters are resolved.

  1. Not transferring the car registration

After you sell your car to a party, you will need to transfer its registration to the new owner. If you have an insurance in your name, then you will terminate it and the new owner will get a new car insurance in his own name.

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