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How to teach a child to read Quran

The art of teaching how to read the Quran for your kid could be more difficult than you think. Furthermore, if you're from a non-Islamic country. Each verse of the Quran isn't easy to remember for children of these countries. This can be just as difficult as how to educate your children to

How To Save Energy At Your Business

Asking small business owners for their top expense is a sure way to get them to answer the same question: "energy costs".  ENERGY STAR estimates small businesses spend over $60 billion annually on energy. The majority of that energy is consumed as electricity. What can a business owner in Texas do?

How to style your kids with latest trends

One thing to consider the way colors affect the child's mood. Research has proven that different colors stimulate different areas of the brain and create a positive effect on mood. It is well-known that warm hues like orange, red, and yellow are more energetic, while cool colors such as green and blue

Bridal jewelry collection for weddings

Bridal jewelry collection for weddings  The one thing we are in agreement about is that jewels and additional items are a special small thing for which we have to pay the highest price. These are among the most expensive items and create a substantial portion of your month-to-month usage. In all over

Vegetarian Awareness Month

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to take part in Vegetarian Awareness Month this October. People become vegetarians for religious, health, or ethical reasons. Whatever the reason, a healthy diet can improve your mood and energy levels on daily basis. 1. Vegetarian Awareness Month Vegetarian Awareness Month is observed in October.

Financial Planning for Your Business

Advantages of financial planning in business   Being a business owner can be overwhelming and stressful. You’re constantly faced with new decisions that need to be made. Many small business owners often have to take on different roles and tasks while running their businesses (establishing good customer relationships, setting marketing and sales

What Is Composting: Tips To Help You Get Started

 Composting: What Is It And Why Is It Important   Composting is a simple process of turning food scraps, lawn clippings, coffee grounds, leaves, etc. into nutrient-rich humus. The process of composting breaks down the material into simple compounds containing heat and energy. This rich humus will become the base for

What to do while traveling solo

1. Benefits of traveling alone      There are numerous benefits to traveling alone. You can have a more intimate experience when traveling on your own and there is no one to replace your companionship with. The sense of adventure and challenge you receive by traveling alone is unique compared to any other