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All About Kerala Sarees That You Need to Know!

Kerala sarees are beautifully woven and are simple. Kerala’s climate and surroundings gave born to these sarees which are known for their comfort and simplicity. Women of Kerala have a common traditional way of draping these sarees making it easy to walk and roam around.

History of Kerala Sarees

Set Sari is similar to set Mundu, the traditional clothing of Jain and Buddha. Textiles in Kerala started growing from since the British era. The most famous textiles of all times is the Calico textile which is known for its cotton and other fabrics.

Kerala Sarees have always been in trend. They are often of light colors but their borders are beautifully designed and crafted and are the main reason for their growing popularity.

Changes Made in The Tradition

 Earlier this traditional style of sarees was made with charkha (spinning wheel) to make the saree. The efforts were put in by lot of laborers in the making of these sarees. Today Kerala was a wide range of traditional sarees. The textiles industries in Kerala have increased rapidly. All the textiles are taken care of by the government and therefore the god’s own country has maximum employment in the textile industry. Calico printing makes the saree more attractive than the other available options.


A Mundu was just a drape around the body. The Kerala saree can be called as the innovation of the Mundu. The sarees are quite similar to the Mundus yet the draping style differs. Also due to differences in technology available, there are also some changes in the manufacturing and weaving of these sarees. Traditionally, the dying and printing were done manually but today it is all done in mills with the help of machines. Kerala is now one of the best exporters of cotton printed sarees.

Global Recognition

The traditional attire of the Kerala sarees is globally recognized. The white- gold saree is the patent pattern of Kerala sarees. The Calico print sarees are of major demand from across the world.

Wearing of Kerala Saree

The traditional white and gold saree is paired up with heavy gold ornaments on special occasions like wedding days. This woven cloth is a mark of simplicity and elegance. Calico print sarees are casual wear and designed in such a way that it can be worn by anyone on any occasion.

Another traditional saree of Kerala is the Kuthumpally sari, which is known for its richness and elegance. It is usually worn on occasions like weddings, festivals, etc. One should pair Kerala sarees with gold and heels to stand out in the crowd. Therefore Kerala provides sarees for every occasion, being one of the most demanded sarees globally. Kerala sarees were worn by many actresses in blockbuster movies fetching these sarees more popularity. The best part of these sarees are that they are made up of cotton and silk, which are easy to maintain and clean, also Kerala sarees are the best option to wear in monsoon as their pallus are stiff and are draped in such a manner that they do not fall off.  This sarees were earlier worn as a mark of tradition but a lot of women these days love to wear as part of fashion. When you are all set to buy the Kerala Sarees don’t forget to see its impressive golden borders and intricate work details. The virtual stores do even offer you a blouse piece which makes it much easy to wear the saree.  The best part about buying this Kerala saree from an online store is you can get them at unmatched prices.